Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Turf

14.95 /m2

  • Suitable For Full Sun Areas
  • Broad Leaf Diameter
  • High Wear-Tolerance
  • High Drought Resistance
  • High Shade-Tolerance
  • 10-Year Product Warranty

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Sir Walter turf is a gorgeous grass, born and bred under our Australian sun. And, with unmatched performance in Australian conditions, Sir Walter buffalo lawn is the best grass for shade.

As well as this, Sir Walter buffalo lawn has excellent drought tolerance and is winter active. Consequently, your Sir Walter lawn’s attractive, crisp green will stay for longer as we head into the chilly winter months.

Other varieties of grass may gain a purple tinge to their leaf, but Sir Walter turf maintains its green through winter. Sir Walter is a superior quality, soft leaf buffalo grass, perfect for the Australian home.


With proper care, a Sir Walter buffalo lawn will remain healthy and stay green throughout the year. To achieve this, you should fertilise your Sir Walter lawn in autumn and be sure not to mow too low before winter.

However, for your Sir Walter turf in shaded areas, you should keep your lawn at a taller height so the longer leaf can compensate for the lack of sunlight.

Additionally, watering less frequently in these areas will help to prevent them from becoming damp and sodden. Except for these shaded areas, you should mow your Sir Walter buffalo lawn low in spring to remove any thatch build up and allow for new stolon growth.

This has the same effect as topdressing but is much easier and will allow you to keep your existing lawn height.

A healthy and thriving Sir Walter lawn will look brilliant throughout the year as well as being able to outcompete most weeds.

Because Sir Walter lawns are so suited to our Australian environment, it is a superb choice for your home and for parks and sportsgrounds.

How do you know It’s Genuine Sir Walter?


Compare Lawns

Use the comparison table below to help you make an informed decision about the turf that is best suited for your conditions.

This comparison table offers a clear overview of each variety's performance, maintenance needs, and aesthetic qualities in relation to specific environmental conditions and usage requirements.

It simplifies the selection process, ensuring that homeowners and professionals choose a turf that aligns with their lifestyle, maintenance capacity, and landscape vision, maximizing satisfaction and minimizing future issues.

Sir Walter Turf Sir Grange Zoysia Eureka Kikuyu Turf Nullarbor Couch Turf
Winter colour Excellent if well fertilised
Very Good if well fertilised
Very Good if well fertilised
Average if well fertilised
Shade Tolerance Excellent
Very Poor
Drought Tolerance Good
Very Good
Leaf Texture Broad Fine Broad Fine
Wear Resistance Very Good
Recovery from Injury Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Fertilising Requirement Beginning of each season Low fertiliser requirement. Does not need a lot to stay healthy Beginning of each season Beginning of each season
Weed Resistance Excellent
Disease Resistance Excellent
Very Good
Insect Resistance Very Good
Heat Resistance Very Good
Salt Tolerance Very Good
Mowing Requirement Weekly Low frequency of mowing. Grows slowly At least Weekly. More often when fertilised Twice Weekly
Mowing Height 20 - 25mm Wide range of mowing height options 20 - 25mm 15 mm
Uses Home Lawns, Commercial, Parks, Pre-schools Home Lawns, Commercial, Parks, Golf Courses, Sports Fields, School Play areas, Roadside Green Space Home Lawns, Commercial, Parks, Golf Courses, Sports Fields Home Lawns, Commercial, Parks, Golf Courses, Sports Fields


Choose Authenticity: Opt for Genuine Sir Walter Buffalo from Buy Turf Online.

In the realm of lawns, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass shines as the ultimate choice, known for its robustness and visual appeal.

With its popularity, it’s inevitable that imitations emerge, attempting to ride on its success.

However, Buy Turf Online offers the authentic Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass, setting the standard for quality.

Here’s what makes Buy Turf Online your go-to for the authentic Sir Walter experience:

  • Accredited by Lawn Solutions Australia: As a certified member of the Lawn Solutions Australia network, Buy Turf Online meets rigorous quality standards, ensuring access to the authentic Sir Walter Buffalo grass.
  • Breeder Guaranteed Turf: Buy Turf Online supplies “Breeder Guaranteed” Sir Walter DNA Certified turf, a privilege reserved for Lawn Solutions Australia program members. This guarantees the turf’s genetic purity and the distinctive qualities Sir Walter is known for.
  • DNA Certification: This certification confirms the authenticity of your Sir Walter Buffalo grass, assuring it’s tailored for Australian landscapes.
  • National 10-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty on your Sir Walter Buffalo grass, covering you for a decade post-installation.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: With every purchase, receive a certificate verifying your lawn’s authenticity, ensuring you receive the unparalleled Sir Walter Buffalo grass.

By choosing Buy Turf Online, you’re not just buying a lawn; you’re investing in the genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass, designed for Australian environments. This means a vibrant, easy-care lawn that excels in both sun and shade, withstands drought, and remains stunningly green for years.

Don’t compromise with imitations – rely on Buy Turf Online for the authentic Sir Walter Buffalo experience.


The specifications table below for Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass provides crucial details on its performance and care requirements, highlighting its shade and drought tolerance, low maintenance needs, and adaptability to various climates and soils.

It emphasizes the turf’s resilience against wear, weeds, and pests, along with its soft texture and year-round color.

This information is helpful if you are looking for a robust, easy-care lawn solution that delivers both aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits, backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty.




Type Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass
Shade Tolerance Excellent (Thrives in as little as 3 hours of sunlight per day)
Drought Tolerance High (Deep root systems allow for efficient water usage and drought resistance)
Growth Habit Prostrate-stoloniferous, minimal rhizome growth
Soil Type Suitable for all soil types but free draining soils recommended
Optimal PH Range 5.5 – 7
Wear Resistance High (Recovers quickly from wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas)
Maintenance Low (Requires minimal mowing, fertilizing, and watering once established)
Mowing Height 20-50mm (Varies based on climate, higher in shaded areas)
Fertilization 2-3 times per year with a slow-release nitrogen-rich fertilizer
Watering Requirements Low (Deep watering recommended only during extended periods of drought)
Weed Resistance High (Dense growth habit suppresses weed germination and growth)
Pest Resistance Good (Less susceptible to common lawn pests but vigilance and timely treatment recommended for best health)
Disease Resistance Good (Resistant to many common turf diseases, but proper care can prevent most issues)
Soil Preference Adaptable (Performs well in a wide range of soil types, from clay to sandy soils)
Climate Adaptability Versatile (Grows in a wide range of climates, from cool temperate to tropical)
Color Deep green (Maintains color year-round with proper care)
Texture Soft (Broad, soft leaves are comfortable underfoot and ideal for family lawns)
Root System Deep (Establishes a robust root system for better nutrient and water absorption)
Growth Pattern Horizontal (Encourages dense growth and quick recovery from damage)
Environmental Benefits Cooling effect (Reduces surface temperature, contributing to a cooler environment around the home)
Certification DNA Certified (Ensures genetic purity and quality of the turf)
Warranty 10-Year Product Warranty (Guarantees the turf against genetic purity issues and major diseases)


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