Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Turf

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11.00 /m2

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  • Suitable For Full Sun Areas
  • Broad Leaf Diameter
  • High Wear-Tolerance
  • High Drought Resistance
  • High Shade-Lolerance
  • 10-Year Product Warranty

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Sir Walter DNA Certified

Sir Walter turf is a gorgeous grass, born and bred under our Australian sun. With unmatched performance in Australian conditions, Sir Walter buffalo lawn is the best grass for shade.

As well as this, Sir Walter buffalo lawn has excellent drought tolerance and is winter active. Consequently, your Sir Walter lawn’s attractive, crisp green will stay for longer as we head into the chilly winter months.

Sir Walter is a superior quality, soft leaf buffalo grass, perfect for the Australian home.


With proper care, a Sir Walter buffalo lawn will remain healthy and stay green throughout the year.

To achieve this, you should fertilise your Sir Walter lawn at the beginning of every season and be sure not to mow too low before winter.

However, for your Sir Walter turf in shaded areas, you should keep your lawn at a taller height so the longer leaf can compensate for the lack of sunlight.

Additionally, watering less frequently in these areas will help to prevent them from becoming damp and sodden. Except for these shaded areas, you should mow your Sir Walter buffalo lawn low in spring to remove any thatch build up and allow for new stolon growth.

This has the same effect as topdressing but is much easier and will allow you to keep your existing lawn height. A healthy and thriving Sir Walter lawn will look brilliant throughout the year as well as being able to outcompete most weeds.

Because Sir Walter lawns are so suited to our Australian environment, it is a superb choice for your home and for parks and sportsgrounds.

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2 reviews for Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Turf

  1. kabuphotography

    Best Turf around , I love my Sir Walter

  2. Kathy

    Best looking turf

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