Turf Calculator

Measuring the shape of your yard just got a lot easier with our lawn area turf calculator.

You no longer need to worry about remembering math formulas or trying to find the calculator that may or may not be hidden somewhere in your desk.

So read on and we’ll walk you through the process.

What Shape Yard Do You Have?

Getting the shape and size of your yard is the first and one of the most important parts of ordering turf, that’s why it’s necessary to get it right.

If you overestimate the amount needed, you’ll be wasting money; while if you underestimate, you won’t have enough turf to complete your lawn.

How To Use

When measuring your lawn, you should break the area up into regular shapes that are easy to measure.

Any shapes that aren’t rectangles, triangles, circles or semi-circles are classed as irregular and can usually be broken up into these shapes.

Although turf is usually the last thing to be installed in a backyard, don’t forget to account for any additions like decking or a pond that still needs to go in.

Once you have the required lengths for each of the shapes, it’s as simple as entering the amounts in our lawn area calculator below.

Then, add the areas of each shape together and you have the total area of your lawn.

But there is just one more step.

It is recommended that you order 5% more turf than the area of your yard because this will allow for any irregular shapes or for cuttings.

There’s nothing worse than falling just short and having a bare patch, or to not be able to turf all the way against your fence.

How much Turf do I need for my backyard

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:

Choose your turf variety, the turf pricing will be calculated based on the turf type multiplied by the calculated square metres of turf required.

Choose from one of our premium Lawn Solutions Austraial breeds such as Sir Walter, Sir Grange, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu, and TifTuf Bermuda.

Step 2:

Select the appropriate shape of the lawn area surface, choose from rectangle / square, triangle, circle or semi-circle.

Step 3:

Enter the width in metres, followed by the length in metres.

The turf calculations will be automatically updated to provide you with the total square metres (m2), and the price.

And there you have it. Quick and easy, the amount of turf you should order for your yard.

Now for the fun part, head over to our online shop and select which grass type will suit you and your home best.

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Michelle J. - Facebook Review

Easy process, great customer service, and friendly staff. Would definitely buy again!

19th July 2016

Simon H. - Hornsby

have been really happy with the quality of the lawn. The lawn has really taken off and looking fantastic. Delivery time and location was exactly what I had asked for. I couldn’t ask for better service.

22 July 2016

David S. - Greenpatch Gardens

Over the years I have used several turf suppliers but now only use Grech’s Turf Supplies due to superior quality turf at a great price. I always find that delivery of turf is prompt and careful consideration given in regard to where and how the stacks are placed on site. All enquiries made by phone are met with friendly service and advice , while orders are easily placed on-line. All varieties of lawn are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Turf is always weed-free. I recommend Grech’s Turf Supplies for any project large or small.

20 July 2016

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