Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Couch Grass

Thriving in the Australian sun, Couch grasses have a manicured aesthetic while also being wear, weed and drought resistant.

Australia’s best performing Couch grass, Nullarbor Couch, has over 20 years of research behind it and is well known for its sun tolerance and resilient nature.

For a hardy lawn that is well suited to full sun areas, playgrounds, sports fields as well as the domestic lawn, Nullabor Couch is an excellent choice.

And, when you buy your Couch grass from Buy Turf Online, you can be sure that it arrives free of disease and weeds and with a 10-Year Lawn Solutions Australia Warranty certificate.

We also freshly cut our turf for your delivery or collection. With next day delivery available for orders made before 1pm, you can have your new Couch lawn in no time.

Couch Grass

What is Couch Grass?

Couch grass is a warm-season lawn variety that is characterised by its deep green colour and wear tolerance.

Due to this, Couch lawns are an excellent choice for sports fields, playgrounds and large lawns.

Couch grasses also have fine leaf blades which, with some extra time and attention, give them an incredibly manicured look.

Is Couch A Buffalo Grass?

While Couch and Buffalo grasses are both warm-season varieties, they are two different types of grass with very distinctive qualities.

The most obvious difference is the thickness of their grass blades; Couch grasses have fine grass blades whereas Buffalo grasses have wide grass blades.

They also have different maintenance requirements, colour and tolerances.

Is Couch Grass Good?

Couch turf varieties are an excellent choice for grassed areas that gets lots of sunshine or for home lawns that would like that manicured look.

Nullarbor Couch turf, a variety of Couch grass, is the best on the market with 20 years of research and trials for its sun tolerance, wear tolerance and pest resistance.

How To Identify Couch Grass?

Couch grasses have a fine leaf blade with a rich, dark green colour. They’re also soft to touch and have an incredibly dense growth habit which means they repair quickly but they are also quite invasive.

Couch grasses thrive in full sunlight and are best kept to a height of about 15mm.

Are There Different Types Of Couch Grass?

There are several different varieties of Couch grass including Queensland Blue and Santa Ana. However, our favourite type of Couch grass is Nullabor Couch.

While all of these varieties have a similar look and are wear-resistant, Nullabor Couch has a particularly rich green colour and has over 20 years of research behind it.

Nullarbor Couch is also backed by a Lawn Solutions Australia 10-year warranty.

How Often To Water Couch Grass?

Couch grasses are known for their water efficiency. Once they are fully established, Couch grass should be watered every 7 – 10 day in summer and even less in other seasons.

Depending on how often it rains, you may not even need to water your Couch grass at all. Luckily, Nullabor Couch is quite drought resistant.

So, if water restrictions are in place, follow their guidelines and although the grass may brown slightly, it will become green quickly once it rains or you can water again.

How To Keep Couch Grass Green In Winter?

The best way to keep your Couch grass green for as long as possible in winter is to use a slow-release fertiliser in May.

During winter you should also minimise your mowing to help retain a greener colour and promote a healthier leaf while there is less sunlight in the day.

How To Mow Couch Grass?

The optimum mowing height for Couch grasses is 15 – 25mm. However, Couch grass is particularly prone to scalping if you cut it too short in one mow.

To avoid scalping, you should only mow 1/3 of your grass blade length at a time and simply mow your Couch grass more frequently until it is the desired height. You should also avoid mowing your Couch lawn in winter if possible.

What Is The Best Fertiliser For Couch Grass?

Although Couch grass requires less fertiliser than some other varieties, it’s still an important aspect of lawn care.

While Lawn Solutions Sir Walter fertiliser was originally developed for use on Buffalo grasses, it has since been found to an excellent choice for Couch grasses as well. By applying it in May, you’ll be able to keep your grass greener through winter.

Are There Any Herbicides That Kill Couch Grass Specifically?

If you’re looking to avoid specific herbicides to protect your Couch grass, it’s best to always check the label. Most selective herbicides will control weeds while leaving your Couch grass unharmed.

However, if you’re looking for a way to kill an invading Couch grass, your best option is an application of glyphosate such as Roundup. Ensure you use a paintbrush and only brush the leaves of the invading grass.

Can You Revive Dead Couch Grass?

There are several things you can try to revive your dead Couch grass. If your lawn has died from lack of water, it’s best to water it thoroughly and allow it to bounce back.

Couch grasses are particularly resilient in this way. You can also try fertilising your lawn, however, you should make sure you remove any weeds before you do this.

The other problem could also be a build-up of your thatch layer which will mean you need to aerate your lawn.

Do Dogs Like Couch Grass?

Nullarbor Couch lawns are loved by dogs as they are a cool and soft place for them to play.

It’s also a good choice for pet owners as Couch grasses are quick repairing and have a high tolerance for wear and tear.

Unless your dog is digging holes, a healthy Couch lawn should bounce back without any issues.

Does Couch Grass Spread?

Couch grasses are naturally an invasive variety, they will spread are far as they can.

While this makes the grass quick-repairing, it does also mean it could creep into your neighbour’s lawn or the cracks of your pavement.

Couch grasses primarily spread through their runners and are best controlled by a solid boundary.

Does Couch Grass Have Runners?

Couch grass has both stolons (aboveground runners) and rhizomes (underground runners).

This makes them an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as sporting fields as they are quick repairing and need less frequent watering.

Having both types of runners also means that Couch grass spreads easily and quickly.

How To Control Couch Grass?

Controlling Couch grass can be a bit of a challenge as it’s naturally an invasive grass. With the right maintenance, however, you can keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

One thing you can do is install a solid boundary to stop the grass runners from spreading. Another thing you can do is apply glyphosate to unwanted areas of Couch grass.

How To Get Rid Of Couch Grass In My Lawn?

It’s quite common for Couch grasses to be found invading Buffalo or Zoysia lawns. The best way to get rid of invading Couch grass is to handpick it as it sprouts.

However, if it’s already taken over too much, you can brush glyphosate over the Couch grass. Be careful not to touch your lawn with the glyphosate as it will kill any plant it touches.

How To Remove Couch Grass?

If you’re wanting to lay an entirely new lawn, you need to make sure any grass that is currently there won’t resurface in the new one.

The best way to do that is through an application of glyphosate.

Similarly, if you’re wanting to remove invading Couch grasses, you should use a paintbrush and apply glyphosate to the grass you want to be removed.

How To Get Rid Of Couch Grass In Buffalo Lawn?

As Couch grasses are naturally invasive, it’s quite common for them to take over a Buffalo lawn, such as DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass.

To remove this invading grass, you should handpick it where you can or apply glyphosate on bigger problems.

Do be careful not to touch your Buffalo lawn with the glyphosate as it will kill it as well.

Will Buffalo Grass Take Over Couch?

It’s very uncommon for a Buffalo grass to take over a Couch lawn as Couch grass varieties have such a tight growth habit.

If Buffalo grasses are invading your Couch lawn, it most likely means that your Couch grass is lacking essential nutrients or isn’t getting enough sunlight.

Where To Buy Blue Couch Grass?

Blue Couch grasses can be found in the warmer regions of Australia such as Queensland. If you’re in other areas, such as New South Wales or Victoria, you might find a better-suited Couch variety is Nullabor Couch.

It has over 20 years of tests and trials to ensure it’s the best Couch option for the Australian home and playground.



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