Empire Zoysia vs Sir Grange: How do they Compare?

When you’re comparing Empire Zoysia vs Sir Grange, you need to consider their individual qualities as well as which one will best suit your needs.

Both varieties are types of Zoysia grasses which means they are low maintenance, have a high wear tolerance and self-repairing quality.

However, not all Zoysia’s are the same. Each sub-genus has different characteristics and appearances.

So, how does Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange compare in terms of appearance, sun & drought tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance and maintenance requirements?

Empire Zoysia Turf Comparison

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is part of the Zoysia Japonica sub-genus. It has a medium leaf texture, great winter colour and is well suited to the warm climates of Australia.

Sun & Drought Tolerance

Empire Zoysia thrives in a hot, humid environment and boasts excellent drought tolerance.

A quality shared by most Zoysia varieties, Empire Zoysia is more than happy in full sunlight. This makes it a good choice for landscaping and large open areas.

Shade Tolerance

Being only moderately shade tolerant, Empire Zoysia does require a few more hours a day of full sun than Sir Grange does.

However, in the cooler areas of New South Wales, Empire Zoysia does tend to struggle a bit through winter.

Wear Tolerance

Empire Zoysia is tough wearing and quick to recover from any damage. It also has a natural tolerance to insects, disease and chemicals.

Maintenance Requirements

Overall, Empire Zoysia is known to be a low maintenance variety of grass.

It is known as a ‘no-mow’ grass, due to its minimal mowing requirements.

However, during Summer, Empire Zoysia may need mowing every 1-2 weeks to a height of 35-45mm.


Sir Grange Turf

Sir Grange

Unlike Empire Zoysia, Sir Grange is part of the Zoysia Matrella sub-genus.

It was selected from over 10,000 different varieties and has been tried and tested to make sure it is suitable for the Australian climate.

You’ll notice immediately that Sir Grange has a finer leaf and deep green colour.

This combination means it not only has a lush look but is extremely soft to touch as well.

Sun & Drought Tolerance

Sir Grange is suitable for full sun areas and has a high drought tolerance, making it the perfect choice for Australia’s drought-prone environment.

You can also train your Sir Grange lawn to have an even higher drought tolerance.

Shade Tolerance

Sir Grange only requires 4 hours of sunlight a day. With 75% shade tolerance, Sir Grange has the highest shade tolerance out of the Zoysia grasses.

Wear Tolerance

Originally developed for the golfing industry, Sir Grange has a high wear tolerance and is self-repairing.

It also has a naturally dense growth habit, making it weed and insect resistant as well.

Maintenance Requirements

Sir Grange is also a low maintenance grass. During peak growth periods, you only need to mow every 7-14 days, 50% less than other common turf varieties.

It also requires minimal watering and less fertilising (with 75% less nitrogen required).

Empire Zoysia Vs Sir Grange – the Verdict

When choosing a grass variety for your lawn, you need to consider what is important for you and for the climate you live in.

If look and feel is important to you, both Zoysia types are soft to the touch. Either one will be a great choice to have a summer BBQ or play sports on.

The main difference between these two will be their appearance. Sir Grange has a deep green colour and fine leaf which gives a more prestigious appearance than Empire Zoysia.

However, if you are looking for a lawn that will require less maintenance, Sir Grange is the clear winner.

Even though Empire Zoysia is a ‘no-mow’ grass, it will still require trimming to make sure it looks neat and tidy.

Sir Grange, however, will look pristine without needing to be mowed, watered or fertilised as often as other grasses.

As much as you need to consider which grass will be best for you, it’s important to consider which variety is best for the climate you live in as well.

Both lawns are particularly suited for drought-prone climates, but Sir Grange will also fair better during the cold, winter months.

It will require less sunlight to survive and recover faster from frost damage.


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