Sir Grange Zoysia Turf

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia is one of a new breed of turf varieties chosen for its ability to meet modern Australia’s variety of climates conditions and consumer requirements.

Zoysia is ideal if you’re looking for a fine, soft-leaf, deep green grass that delivers:

  • Superior drought resistance
  • High shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Salt & heat tolerance

    Sir Grange Zoysia was originally bred in Texas, USA for the Golf Course industry. Although it only arrived in Australia in 2014 it has been tested for more than 20 years in demanding settings throughout 5 other countries.

    Sir Grange Zoysia was chosen for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games golf course and now enjoys prestige status around the world. It is the no.1 selling grass in America, it’s a genuine premium quality turf backed up by our 10-year warranty.

    If you’re looking for one of the world’s top performing grass varieties you need to look at Zoysia. Lawn Solutions Australia now have more than 25 turf farms producing exceptional turf.

      Sir Grange has a beautiful appearance and is deliciously soft grass to walk on

      Why Sir Grange Zoysia for Turf?

      Sir Grange Zoysia boasts a beautiful appearance and is deliciously soft grass to walk on. It produces a fine leaf approximately 4 mm wide and grows to around 60 mm long on average.

      Its dense growth habit makes it highly weed resistant. It’s relatively slow growth also makes it one of the best performing low maintenance grasses around.

      Sir Grange Zoysia is part of the Zoysia Matrella sub-genus. It was hand selected from over 10,000 different cultivars and subjected to significant testing to ensure its suitability for Australian conditions.

      It thrives in a wide variety of soil types and climates. It performs well across a wide variety of applications including, residential, commercial, and sports fields, and delivers a deep green grass year-round and even with minimal maintenance will retain its prestigious appearance.

      That’s why the Killara Golf Club chose to replace its entire turf area (55,000 m2) with Lawn Solutions Australia’s Sir Grange variety in 2018.

      Sun & Drought Tolerance

      More than ever, Australians need grass varieties that thrive in high heat and drought conditions. Nothing allows the weeds to come through more quickly and cause serious degradation in your beautiful lawn than drought.

      That’s why it’s so important to choose a lawn that will maintain its root structure, grass blade density and colour even through the hottest driest periods.

      Sir Grange Zoysia thrives in the heat and can handle full sun for lengthy periods of high temperatures. It also requires less than 50% of the water that most other warm climate grass varieties need once it is established because it grows slowly.

      Sir Grange Zoysia can handle hours of direct sunlight and has a high drought tolerance making it an ideal choice for drought prone areas and for large open landscaping projects. Zoysia also thrives in high humidity areas.

      Zoysia is an ideal choice for drought prone areas

      Shade & Frost Tolerance

      One of the qualities that makes Sir Grange Zoysia such a great choice for Australian lawns is its superior ability to thrive in deep shade and cope with occasional frosts.

      Sir Grange Zoysia has a high shade tolerance and will easily cope with as little as 3 to 4 hours of sunshine a day. This means it will retains its beautiful dark green leaf colour throughout the depths of the dark winter months.

      It does cope with relatively frequent frost events but it may not be the right choice if your lawn sits in some of the coldest parts of Australia where severe frosts to almost freezing temperatures occur regularly.

      Wear & Tear Resistance

      The ability to absorb punishment year round from high sports, children, dogs and over exuberant mowing techniques is critical for any grass to thrive in Australian conditions. Sir Grange Zoysia delivers reasonable wear and tear resistance despite its relatively slow growth.

      Scalping damage due to low mowing heights does not usually cause any long-term problems.

      This is because the Zoysia’s very dense root structure prevents weeds colonising damaged areas and enables new grass growth to recolonise bare patches.

      Sir Grange Zoysia’s very dense root structure prevents weeds

      Poor Soil Types

      Sir Grange Zoysia performs well in a wide range of soil types although it does prefer free-draining soil. The optimal pH range sits between 5.5 and 6.5. Zoysia and also boasts an exceptionally high degree of salt tolerance (up to 17,000 ppm) which makes it great choice for coastal situations.

      Maintenance Requirements

      Maintenance requirements can make or break any lawn. Sir Grange Zoysia has one of the lowest maintenance requirements of any turf on the market today. Its slow growth rate means that mowing requirements are up to 50% less than for other turf varieties.

      Sir Grange Zoysia will easily accept a range of mowing heights so you can cut it down really low with consecutive reduced mowing heights. The extensive system of runners and dense growth will allow Zoysia to repair damaged areas without allowing weeds through.


      Sir Grange Zoysia establishes very well on very sandy soils with little or no fertiliser. This turf is very unique. Because Sir Grange Zoysia is a slow growing turf variety it can survive in the sod for some time without putting it roots down. To encourage root growth lay sir grange on a river sand base 25mm to 50mm deep and water it well until established.

      You won’t’ need to spend your busy days doing things like fertilising or watering your lawn either once it is well established. Sir Grange Zoysia requires 75% less nitrogen than other grass varieties.

      And Zoysia’s drought tolerance ensures your lawn will remain green and healthy with minimal watering. 1 or 2 solid waterings each week during the hottest months is ideal.

      Zoysia is naturally resistant to pests so you’ll love the minimal pesticide and herbicide requirements too. It’s hardly surprising that Zoysia has become the number one selling turf in the U.S.A. and that’s why it’s rapidly becoming an Australian favourite too.

      It’s rapidly becoming an Australian favourite

      Research & Testing

      Sir Grange Zoysia is another successful product from turf grass breeders, Bladerunner Farms located in Texas. This breed of grass is the result of careful selection from some 10,000 varieties. Extensive studies at turf grass research facilities over a 20-year period in five countries predated its arrival in Australia.

      It has won praise and recognition for its outstanding quality including a number 1 ranking for turf quality in the National Turf Grass Evaluation (USA).

      Numerous studies highlight the exceptional qualities of Zoysia. You can read about its ability to deal with shade and salt here. Lawn Solutions Australia also run an extensive R&D programme that continues testing under Australian conditions. 

      How Does Sir Grange stack up against other varieties?

      Widely diverse climatic conditions can exist even within a narrow geographical location so you need to consider your requirements carefully.

      Zoysia vs TifTuf

      TifTuf is a little hardier in full sun than Sir Grange but if your site experiences shade then Sir Grange (SG) is the winner.

      SG offers a superior aristocratic appearance with a softer leaf plus the bonus of lower maintenance requirements. Find out more here.

      Zoysia vs Sir Walter

      SG and Sir Walter both cope well with shade and wear and tear recovery but SG scores higher in the drought tolerance and maintenance categories.

      Check out this article for a more in-depth look at the differences.

      Sir Grange Zoysia vs Empire Zoysia

      Both SG and Empire do well in drought conditions but SG will generally thrive better in winter conditions especially with shade and frost.

      Both grasses are low maintenance but SG will maintain an attractive appearance with no mowing long after Empire starts to look a little shabby.

      You can read more here about the difference between the two here.

      It’s a Golfer’s Dream Turf

      Sir Grange Zoysia was originally developed for the golf industry. The choice of the Rio Olympic committee to create the Olympic golf course using Zoysia is an indication of just how successful that breeding programme has been.

      Golf Clubs throughout the world have been switching to Zoysia in their droves including the Blackjack National (designed by Tiger Woods), Trinity Forest Golf Club, Dallas, and the Golf Club Texas.

      Here in Australia the list of golf clubs using Zoysia is growing including:

      • Indooroopilly Golf Club, Brisbane
      • Killara Golf Club, Sydney
      • Teven Valley Golf course, Ballina
      Sir Grange Zoysia was developed for the golf industry.

      Zoysia Reviews

      Sir Grange Zoysia is a pretty special grass but don’t take our word for it; check out what these experts have to say:

      Doug Petersan, Superintendent, Austin Golf Club, USA

      “The water and fertilizer inputs are probably 50% of the other accepted turf grasses people are using…

      “With Zeon Zoysia we have reduced labour cost, reduced fertilizer costs, water reductions and still provide a superior playing surface. There is not a surface around that competes with zoysia for playability…

      “Another huge difference, and this will become far more important, is chemical costs. Zoysia requires very little chemical control for fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Zoysia, if it’s grown properly, doesn’t need herbicide because it creates such a dense surface the weeds cannot infest it …

       “There’s only one grass that they could choose to meet the sustainable criteria of the Olympic Committee: Zoysia…”.


      Dr. Milt Engelke, from a presentation given at Turf grass Producers International conference, February 15, 2013, San Antonio, Texas:

      “In Zoysiagrass, effective salt glands pull the salts out of the soil. Zoysia can completely remediate the soil by pulling the salt out of the soil. I have seen soil remediation from 17,000 ppm to no detectable salts in two years on a golf course testing with Zoysia.”


      The Lawn Solutions Sir Grange Zoysia has been designed for your needs. We’re so certain you’ll love it and that it will meet all your expectations that we offer a 10-year product warranty certificate on all Zoysia orders regardless of size. It’s just another assurance that Zoysia will be greener on your side of the fence.

      10-year product warranty certificate

      Sir Walter DNA Certified

      Sir Grange Zoysia

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