How can we order our turf?
Simply go to the buy turf now link and follows the steps

Is ordering through our site safe and secure?
Most Definitely. At buyturfonline.com.au we use PayPal’s checkout. This is totally secure and we find it to be the most trusted site for customers who do their shopping online.

Do I need a PayPal account to shop on buyturfonline.com.au?
No, you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase; you can make a purchase using visa or MasterCard with out using a pay pal account, simply proceed with payment and choose ‘pay by credit card’ in the PayPal screen.

Can I order lawn care products separately?
Yes, all other gardening products are sent to you the next business day by Fast way Couriers

Can I contact buy turf online at anytime regarding my order?
YES! You most certainly contact us at anytime regarding your order or any questions you may have on 1800 806 304

Will anybody contact me regarding my order?
YES! We will contact you the day the order is placed or the very next day, just to verify all your ordering details

Delivery and postage

Can I combine my orders to save on delivery?
Yes, where it is possible you can combine postage to save money on freight

How soon after I order lawn care products will I receive them?
You can expect your lawn care products delivered by Fast way Couriers the next business day.

Will I receive my turf and lawn care products by the week end?
Yes as long as your turf is ordered by at least Thursday of that week you can expect your supplies to be delivered by the weekend

How long after my turf is ordered is it delivered?
Generally, you can have your order with in 2 working days

Where do we deliver to?
At this stage we deliver turf to the Sydney metropolitan area’s and the Blue Mountains (for Central Coast and Woollongong enquiries please during office hours for availability). Fertilizers and garden care products can be delivered Australia wide.

How is the turf delivered?
The turf is delivered wrapped on a pallet, for most orders the trucks will have a forklift to remove the pallets from the truck and drop in an acceptable area. Other orders will be hand unloaded by our drivers.

How are lawn care products delivered?
If you purchase lawn care products with turf, these products will be delivered free of charge. If you are making a single order of lawn care products, these items will be sent to you by fast way couriers. Where possible we will also combine postage for products up to 25kgs.


What size are the rolls of turf?
The standard rolls of turf are 580mm wide and 1730mm length, with a thickness of approximately 25mm. This equals out to 1 m2. Our maxi rolls are 1.2m wide and generally lengths between 16m and 18m depending on the job

How soon should I lay my turf after it arrives?
You should endeavour to lay your turf as soon as possible, it is not recommended that you leave the turf, you should lay it the day you receive it.

How do I calculate how much turf I need?
To get the area of a square or rectangle, measure two sides in meters and multiply them together.
A x B = Area m2

For a circle, measure the radius (3 meters above). You then multiply Pi x the radius squared
3.14 x Radius2 = Area m2
so for the above diagram…
3.14 x 3 x 3 = 28.27m2

For a triangle, measure the base (5 meters above). You then halve that and multiply the result by the height (2.5 meters in our diagram)
Half base x Height = Area m2
so for the above diagram…
2.5 x 2.5 = 6.25m

What should I do if I have a lot of clay in the ground?
It is recommended that you use gypsum in this case, gypsum is a clay breaker.

Can turf be layed on sand?
You can lay your turf on sand but you will need to lay and organic fertilizer down before you lay your turf.

Turf underlay

What type of soil is recommended for turf?
Ideally a fertilized underlay is what you would use for under your turf. Turf underlay is usually 80% sand and 20% soil although there is a mix that is 60%sand and 40% soil although the 80 – 20 mix is recommended.

Does buyturfonline.com.au supply turf underlay and top soil?
At this stage we do not supply under lay or top soil although we can recommend suppliers in your local area if needed

Where should I buy my underlay?
At this stage, we do not supply turf underlay, however we can recommend a supplier or you can order it yourself. Please keep in mind that when you order it your self that you only buy it from a supplier with a high turn over. You do not want any underlay that has been sitting around for a long time as birds fly over it and leave droppings which then can cause you to get weeds in your lawn.

How much underlay should I put down?
We recommend that you put at least 50mm of underlay. 100mm would be good as well.


How often should I water my new lawn?
Once the area has been turfed, water immediately to prevent the turf from drying out. After initial watering, water should be applied early morning and early afternoon for 7 to 10 days, in the hotter seasons more watering will be needed. The lawn should be watered once every second day in spring and summer after which weekly water should be sufficient with the exception of soft leaf buffalo which watering is needed every day for the fist 4 weeks.

What is the best technique to use when watering my lawn?
With a Freshly turfed lawn, it is recommended that you use you hose not a sprinkler to water your lawn, after the turf is established it is ok then to use sprinklers or other devices to water your lawn.

Should I water my lawn late at night?
It is not recommended to water your lawn late at night, Grass grows at night and it can often cause a fungus in your lawn in the cooler seasons if you water to late at night, Late afternoon and early mornings are always a good time to water.

Fertilising and weed control

When is the best time to fertilize my new lawn?
One Month after laying your new lawn it is recommended that you fertilize your lawn with either Grechs Turf Supplies own premium Fertilizer, or you can also use Shelley’s NO.17 or banana special is also good,
For Sir Walter it is recommended that you use Sir Walter Fertilizer, although Grechs Turf Supplies premium mix fertilizer is also a great choice. These fertilizers can be bought direct online from either www.grechsturf.com.au or www.buyturfonline.com.au

What time of the year should I fertilize my lawn?
This should be done 4 times per year at the beginning of each season is recommended

Turf types

How do I decided what type of turf is right for me?
First you have to decide what the turf is going to be used for, wether you are going for a more ornamental look or for a more functional turf. Once you have decided this, click on our turf types section and go through all the different types of turf. You will find a handy chart that shows all the advantages and disadvantages of all our turf types.

Can I lay turf in shaded areas?
Yes you can as long as you get at least 3 to 4 hours direct sunlight to grow well. If you have shaded areas Sir Walter would be highly recommended as it handles shaded areas remarkably.

What types of turf is recommended for pets and high traffic areas?
Sir Walter is most definitely the most durable turf for these types of areas, the reason is because Sir Walter repairs very quickly, Dogs urine does not burn it either which is a great advantage.