Eureka Kikuyu Grass

If you’re considering a new Kikuyu lawn, there are a few things to know about this fast-growing, vibrant grass variety.

Eureka Kikuyu grass has a broad course leaf with rapid growth. Such a lively turf thrives in the sunlight, holding its colour brilliantly in most conditions.

While Eureka Kikuyu doesn’t survive well in shaded or excessively damp areas, it is non-allergenic and great for achieving a bright garden.

A healthy Eureka Kikuyu lawn has a vibrant green colour and rapid growth, making it a popular choice for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and sports fields in most Australian climates.

Due to its aggressive growth habits, Eureka Kikuyu will require frequent mowing (every 5-7 days during summer) and you’ll need a solid border around your garden beds.

However, with regular fertilising and watering, this grass variety will remain its bright, cheerful self.


Eureka Features

  • Sun tolerant
  • Grows in all New South Wales areas (full sun)
  • Acceptable drought tolerance
  • Rapid recovery from wear & tear
  • Good weed resistance
  • Pet friendly


Eureka Kikuyu is a vibrant green with medium-coarse leaves. Approximately 4-5mm wide and 25-40mm long, the leaves will maintain a tight growing mat as long as they are regularly mowed.

Eureka Kikuyu will hold its appearance throughout the majority of the year.

This warm-season turf variety has a vibrant green colour throughout the year enhances the overall appearance of your outdoor space, providing a refreshing and inviting ambience.

Its growth and colour will remain vigorous and vibrant through autumn and into early winter.

In fact, Kikuyu grass is highly prized for its beautiful winter colour. At the touch of frost, however, Eureka Kikuyu will brown off but it will recover quickly as spring returns.

This ability for rapid growth means that Eureka Kikuyu also has superior disease resistance, and it’s ready to bounce right back if something does happen.


Although rapid growth means that Eureka Kikuyu is superb for areas with high amounts of foot traffic, it means that it is high maintenance.

Maintaining a healthy Kikuyu lawn requires proper irrigation, mowing, fertilising, and weed control. Let’s delve into these essential lawn care practices to ensure your Eureka Kikuyu Grass thrives.


When it comes to irrigation, it’s crucial to be mindful of water efficiency. Water your lawn only when you notice signs of grass drying out, such as wilted leaves, or yellow patches. During the cooler winter months, you generally won’t need to water unless there are indications of dryness.

When irrigation is necessary, make sure to deeply soak the top 100mm of soil, which usually requires around 30 minutes with a standard sprinkler. Your watering regime should start early in the morning to enhance efficiency and promote better plant health.


Eureka Kikuyu loves water and sunlight but requires frequent mowing every 5-7 days in growth seasons (spring & summer). Regular mowing is key for Kikuyu lawns due to their vigorous growth.

Be sure to mow regularly during the warmer months, but avoid removing more than one-third of the leaf blade in a single mow. Keep your mower blades sharp to prevent tearing the leaves. If needed, dethatch your lawn in late spring for optimal results.


Fertilising your Kikuyu lawn is essential to maintain its lush appearance. Kikuyu grass varieties respond well to nitrogen, which ensures leaf growth. To prevent excessive growth, apply a slow-release granular fertiliser during the warmer months. The recommended rate is 20-25g/m² or 2-2.5kg/100m².

For best results, fertilise at least three times per year, with late spring, mid to late summer, and late autumn being important dates. Remember to irrigate your lawn after applying fertiliser.

If you have a new lawn, apply fertiliser after the first mowing.

When it comes to weed and pest control, many chemical products available for domestic use are suitable for Kikuyu lawns.

However, avoid using Winter Grass killer herbicides, which can harm Kikuyu grass.

Paspalum herbicides containing DSMA should be used for spot treatment only. Always read the label instructions and consult your supplier for recommended products before applying any treatments.


Due to its deep root base, quick growth and acceptable drought tolerance, Eureka Kikuyu grass is a popular lawn for Australian climates.

Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling landscape, Kikuyu Grass adapts well to various sizes and shapes, offering seamless and uniform coverage.

Eureka Kikuyu Grass is a splendid choice for both home lawns and larger areas, such as racecourses, parks, golf tees and fairways. This warm season grass is great for erosion control and thrives in direct sunlight (over 5-6 hours a day).

Great for high areas with high foot traffic

As it is so quick repairing and fast-growing, Kikuyu grass is a great option for high-footfall areas, such as sports fields or backyards with pets and lively children.


Eureka Kikuyu lawn’s initial cost is very low compared to other lawn varieties. Not only is it quite economical per square metre than your other Australian lawns, it is also quite hardy and will repair quickly from frost damage as well as wear and tear.

10-Year Warranty:

To express our confidence in the quality of the Eureka Kikuyu turf that we supply, we will provide you with a Lawn Solutions Australia 10-Year Product Warranty, no matter the size of your purchase.

Feel confident in your choice, know that your turf has been grown and harvested at the highest standards, is free of weeds and disease, and will reach its full potential in its new home.

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