Grub Guard Ultimate 4kg – Acelepryn Powered


  • Powered by Acelepryn technology for excellent preventative control against various lawn pests.
  • Broad spectrum protection against a wide range of common lawn enemies.
  • Early season application at the first sign of overwintering adults for optimal results.
  • Covers up to 500 square meters per 4kg bucket.
  • Long-lasting formula provides up to 6 months of protection at higher application rates.
  • Effective for both prevention and curative control of pest outbreaks.

Grub Guard Ultimate: Acelepryn Powered - 4KG Buying Guide

Grub Guard Ultimate, a revolutionary pest control solution, offers unparalleled protection for your garden.

As an avid gardener with years of experience battling pests.It’s innovative formula and easy application make it a must-have for anyone seeking to safeguard their plants and lawn.

Product Summary

Grub Guard Ultimate is a potent 4kg pack covering up to 500m2, with CHLORANTRANILIPROLE as its active ingredient powered by Acelepryn technology,

it offers lasting protection for six months against various lawn pests.

Specification Value
Product Name Grub Guard Ultimate
Quantity 4kg
Price $93.50
Coverage Up to 500m2
Active Ingredient 2 g/kg CHLORANTRANILIPROLE
Application Season Early in the season
Residual Performance Up to 6 months
Curative Control Yes
Target Pests Lawn Armyworm, Lawn Curl Grub, Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug Larvae, Sod Webworm
Technology Acelepryn
Related Products N/A


Key Features

The Grub Guard Ultimate 4kg is a powerful solution for tackling a wide range of lawn pests, including Lawn Armyworm and Sod Webworm.

Its active ingredient, Acelepryn technology, ensures effective pest prevention and treatment.

Applying this insecticide early in the season when overwintering adult pests appear can lead to optimal results.

With its long-lasting residual performance, it offers up to 6 months of protection at higher application rates.

In situations where pest outbreaks occur later in the season, using the recommended higher application rates can help achieve curative control effectively.

The product's coverage of up to 500m2 makes it suitable for medium-sized lawns seeking comprehensive pest protection.

Its broad-spectrum effectiveness makes it a versatile choice for homeowners looking to maintain healthy and vibrant turfgrass areas.


4kg Pack with Coverage Up to 500m2

The Grub Guard Ultimate pack is a substantial 4kg, making it ideal for treating extensive lawn areas effectively.

Its coverage of up to 500m2 ensures that you get value for your money and comprehensive pest control in one go.

This pack size caters to both residential and commercial use, offering versatility in managing various lawn sizes without compromising on quality or quantity.

Whether you have a small backyard or a large commercial property, the 4kg pack provides ample product for efficient pest treatment.

Active Ingredient: CHLORANTRANILIPROLE (Acelepryn powered)

Grub Guard Ultimate is a potent insecticide containing CHLORANTRANILIPROLE, known for its effectiveness against pesky lawn invaders.

The incorporation of Acelepryn technology elevates the performance and efficiency of this product, ensuring thorough pest control.

This active ingredient works specifically to target and manage a variety of common lawn pests such as Lawn Armyworm, Lawn Curl Grub, Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug Larvae, and Sod Webworm.

By utilizing the power of CHLORANTRANILIPROLE in Grub Guard Ultimate, you can effectively protect your lawn from these destructive insects.

Whether you are dealing with an existing infestation or aiming to prevent future invasions, this product proves to be a reliable solution.

Optimal Early Season Application

Applying Grub Guard Ultimate early in the season is crucial. It helps tackle overwintering adult pests effectively, preventing significant lawn damage before it even begins.

By using this product at the right time, you can maintain control over pest populations throughout the season.

Early application of Grub Guard Ultimate has been a game-changer for my lawn care routine.

Whether you're dealing with Lawn Armyworm, Argentine Stem Weevil, or Sod Webworm infestations, applying Grub Guard Ultimate early ensures comprehensive protection against a wide range of lawn pests.

The Acelepryn technology powering this product delivers long-lasting results that exceed expectations.

Up to 6 Months of Protection

Grub Guard Ultimate ensures your lawn remains safeguarded for an extended period, offering peace of mind.

The long-lasting protection lasts up to 6 months post-application. Continuous control over pests is maintained with the residual performance of Grub Guard Ultimate.

With this product, you can trust in sustained defense against infestations.

It's suitable for homeowners looking for a hassle-free solution that offers long-term security against pests.

Broad Range of Lawn Pest Prevention and Treatment

Grub Guard Ultimate is a reliable solution for tackling an array of lawn pests, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant.

It effectively controls common nuisances like Lawn Armyworm, Lawn Curl Grub (African Black Beetle Larvae), Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug Larvae, and Sod Webworm.

With this product in hand, you can rest assured that your lawn will be safeguarded against these pesky invaders.

The comprehensive pest management provided by Grub Guard Ultimate sets it apart as a top choice for maintaining the vitality of your outdoor space.

By targeting a wide range of pests commonly found in lawns, this product offers peace of mind to homeowners looking to protect their green spaces from potential damage.

Whether you are dealing with an existing infestation or aiming to prevent future pest problems, Grub Guard Ultimate proves to be a valuable ally in the battle against lawn invaders.

Buying Guide

When considering pest control options for your lawn, it's essential to explore related products that complement Grub Guard Ultimate.

Lawn Solutions Battle Insecticide & Termiticide 1L, priced at $64.90, offers additional pest control solutions beyond what Grub Guard Ultimate provides.

For targeted insect control on your lawn, Acelepryn Liquid 100ml is worth exploring as another effective option alongside Grub Guard Ultimate.

Each product serves a unique purpose in addressing specific lawn pest issues comprehensively.

By having a range of products like these at hand ensures flexibility in tackling various pest problems that may arise throughout the season.

Whether you're dealing with Lawn Armyworm or Argentine Stem Weevil infestations, having multiple options available allows for tailored treatment approaches based on the specific pests affecting your lawn.

Considering different scenarios where diverse pests might plague your turf, investing in complementary products like Lawn Solutions Battle Insecticide & Termiticide and Acelepryn Liquid can provide a well-rounded approach to maintaining a healthy and pest-free lawn.

Wrap Up

The Grub Guard Ultimate offers a comprehensive solution for lawn pest prevention and treatment, powered by the active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole.

With a coverage of up to 500m2 per 4kg pack, it provides up to six months of protection, making it an optimal early season application for maintaining a healthy lawn.

This product's broad range ensures effective control against various pests, safeguarding your lawn throughout the seasons.

For those seeking a reliable and long-lasting solution to protect their lawn from pests, Grub Guard Ultimate stands out as a top choice.


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Weight 4 kg


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