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About Us - Sir Walter Premium Turf

About Us – Buy Turf Online

Here, at Buy Turf Online, we believe the perfect lawn does exist. Through our experience, love and care, and location we have achieved this state of perfection. We want to share a piece of this with you.


With age comes experience, and our thirty years means we understand turf and how best we can help you. We know you want convenience, which is why we have mounted forklifts fitted to all our tautliner trucks. That way, we can deliver your turf to the best possible place and minimise the work for you.

We also know that you want quality. This, we promise for all our turf. They are all certified by Lawn Solutions Australia and hold a ten-year warranty. Our automatic, self stacking turf harvester means you can be sure that your rolls of turf will be uniform and at a high quality.


With our friendly, hands-on approach, our turf thrives and is ready to brighten up your yard. At our turf farm by the Hawkesbury River we provide only the best nutrients to grow the best turf. We make sure that we care for the river with every measure in place to keep all impurities from the natural waterways. Our water retention ponds catch any chemical runoff so we can breathe easy about the sanctity of the river.


We wake up every morning to look over the misty fields, breathe in the fresh air and the earthy scent of lawn, knowing that we are able to share this sense of serenity with you.