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At Buy Turf Online we have an extensive range of premium quality turf at great prices as well as premium lawn care products.

We have everything you need to prepare for your new lawn, install your new lawn and care for it to keep it in great condition.

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We make the whole buying and delivering process very easy. It’s as simple as selecting what products you would like to buy, checking out and then we deliver your order on a day that works with you.

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We at Buy Turf Online are proud of our outstanding Customer Service, and our friendly staff who can answer any questions you have to make sure you select the perfect turf for your situation.

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Turf Prices Penrith

Turf Type Price (per sqm) Buy Online
Sir Walter Buffalo $14.95 Click to Buy
Sir Grange Zoysia $25.00 Click to Buy
Eureka Kikuyu $8.60 Click to Buy
Nullarbor Couch $9.65 Click to Buy
Bermuda Tif Tuf $13.80 Click to Buy

Turf Delivery to Penrith


  • Delivery fee: $99.00
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Next working day*

*If you place your order before 10.00 am we can usually deliver your new turf the next day.

What lawn variety is right for your Penrith property?

When you are choosing a turf for your Penrith property, there are some factors you should think about.

The lawn variety needs to be suitable for the area its in and also fits your individual needs.

Choosing the right lawn for your property can be the difference between a healthy lawn and a lawn that really struggles to thrive.


One of the main effects the Australian climate has on turf is how much water will be required.

the Sydney and the Penrith area has a warm and temperate climate and is also affected by the harsh summer sun.

The climate also affects how much drought tolerance and frost tolerance your new lawn will need.


The amount shade and sun your lawn gets will depend on a few factors including how high your house is, how big your lawn is, any fences and whether you’ll have trees or hedges around where your lawn will go.

You should also keep in mind that any new plants are likely taller than they are at the moment.

Foot Traffic:

Depending on what you plan to use your lawn for it will dramatically affect how much wear and tear it receives.

If you have lots of foot traffic, such as in parks or sports grounds, or if you have pets or children, you’ll want a quick repairing grass.


Each variety of grass is different therefore each variety requires different amounts of care and maintenance.

Whether it is mowing, watering or fertilising, you should consider how often you would like to tend to and look after your new lawn as some turfs need more maintenance than others.

Look and Feel:

This last factor is quite a personal one and changes from person to person. The look and feel includes choosing between a fine or broad leaf, the softness of your lawn and the height that your lawn will sit at.

Fast Delivery to Penrith

Benefits of Turf in Penrith

Property value:

Whether buyers are conscious of it or not, people buying property are drawn to a house with a lush green lawn. People look for a place where they can imagine themselves being happy spending time with their family.

A lawn is an area that the buyer could exercise, socialise and relax.

Not only is your home likely to draw in more interest, but a recent studies have shown that homebuyers will pay up to 19% more for a house with a good lawn.

Heat reduction:

A luscious, healthy lawn will significantly cool your home and surrounds.

The average front lawn has naturally, twice the cooling capacity as the average home’s ducted air-conditioning system without taking a toll on your electricity bill.

Oxygen production:

Grass is the most effective plant life at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, and that includes trees.

A simple 15 x 15m turfed lawn will produce enough oxygen for a family of four.

Cost effective:

Compared to the alternatives for your new yard, turf is by far the most cost-effective one and environmentally friendly one.

Artificial turf, pavers, and sandstone have their own benefits but also carry a significantly higher initial cost per square meter.

Especially for large areas, turf grass is a far more affordable option, regardless of the chosen variety.

Pollution reduction:

A turfed lawn helps to balance out the negative effects of urban living. It absorbs or filters numerous types of pollutions.

These include dust, allergies, disease, noise, heat, glare and air pollution.

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Berkshire Park Jordan Springs Kemps Creek
Caddens Kingswood St Clair
Cambridge Park Leonay South Penrith
Castlereagh Wallacia Werrington
Cranebrook Mount Vernon Mulgoa
Emu Heights Emu Plains Colyton


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