ColourGuard Lawn Paint?

Is your lawn looking a little tired, drab and yellow?

Has a harsh winter or severe drought made your lawn sulk? Loss of colour in your lawn is a sign the grass may be stressed.

But there are times when you need your lawn to be looking at its best regardless of what the weather is doing.

Maybe a real estate agent is taking promotional photos or showing buyers through your property.

Perhaps you’re hosting a wedding celebration or some other special occasion and you really want everything to be perfect.

With ColourGuard PLUS your lawn can be looking instantly and exquisitely at its best. Like magic, ColourGuard restores your lawn’s healthy green colour.

What is Lawn Paint?

ColourGuard from Lawn Solutions Australia is an entirely natural, organic plant-based colorant that will instantly return your grass to its natural green colour (& your neighbours green with envy).

The results are instant and spectacular. It really is just like spray-painting your lawn.

ColourGuard will keep your lawn looking perfectly green

ColourGuard will keep your lawn looking perfectly green all year round and thanks to the rich fertiliser component, ColourGuard will boost your turf health as well.

ColourGuard will supply range of nutrients including:

  • Nitrogen – 6.7%
  • Magnesium – 6%
  • Sulphur – 7.8%
  • Iron – 4%
  • Manganese – 2%
  • Zinc – 1%
  • Traces of Boron & Copper

ColourGuard is safe for the environment, pets and people.

What Are The Benefits of ColourGuard?

LSA ColourGuard provides an instant boost to the street appeal of your property. Discoloured, drab brown lawns can be a real turnoff.

Research shows that the colour green can make perceptible changes in people’s moods, emotions and reactions. Green makes people feel calmer, more relaxed and optimistic.

You’ll feel happier having people around and your beautiful green lawn will help keep your neighbourhood looking its best.

And the reality is, when it comes to selling houses, more than 95% of house buyers want a property with a good green lawn.

In fact, a healthy green lawn could increase your house value by 15 to 18%.

ColourGuard doesn’t only make your lawn look good; it also helps to keep your premium turf really healthy.

ColourGuard contains a fertiliser to give your turf a natural boost of life-giving nutrients so you can reduce your fertiliser applications.

LSA ColourGuard provides an instant boost to the street appeal of your property

ColourGuard also substantially reduces watering requirements for your lawn. This is especially important for those really dry times of the year when most lawns take a real hammering.  

ColourGuard is not only the perfect lawn solution for residential properties.

It will also be of immense value for commercial properties that value their image, contractors and schools.

Sports field and golf course maintenance teams will love ColourGuard too.

Will It Harm My Lawn?

No, ColourGuard is a completely natural, safe, organic product that is harmless to pets, your family and the environment.

ColourGuard, once dry, will not run or stain other plants or pavements, driveways, brick work, concrete or timber.

In fact, ColourGuard should be an essential lawn care item for most lawns.

How Long Will ColourGuard Last?

ColourGuard has been carefully formulated to provide the maximum benefit.

Because ColourGuard is a permanent colorant it will not wash out or fade but it will disappear naturally as the grass grows and with repeated mowings.

You can mow your lawn as normal but remember to avoid cutting too low in either winter or summer as this can easily scalp your lawn.

Colourguard works in extreme heat, cold and frosty conditions. You can expect ColourGuard to last up to 3 months in normal conditions.

How Do You Apply It?

ColourGuard is easy to apply. You have a choice of a 2 Litre ready-mixed bottle with hose attachment or a 100ml concentrate.

If using the concentrate you simply mix it with water; 40ml per 5 litres of water. The 100ml of concentrate will cover up to 200m2 of lawn.

Simply start at one side of your lawn and spray Colourguard in a smooth sweeping motion.  Simply work from one side to the other side of your lawn.

The instant colour will let you see easily where you have already sprayed.

The instant colour will let you see easily where you have already sprayed

If you have hard, paved surfaces bordering your lawn it’s easiest to stand on the hard surface and spray the lawn away from those areas that you don’t want to spray.

Take care when spraying and to avoid overspray you can try using a barricade like an old real estate sign or Masonite to protect areas you don’t want green

Cleanup of accidental spills or spray drift is really easy and we always recommend washing down immediately.

If you accidentally spray a non-grassed area or a non-target surface you can simply wash it with water.

ColourGuard will dry in about two hours if your lawn is in full sunlight, and slightly longer if your lawn is shaded.

Once dry, Colourguard will not run, stain other surfaces or fade no matter how much water you pour on it.

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