Selling Your Home? Increase Your Property Value with a Turfed Lawn


APRIL, 2019

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We all know that a cared for lawn makes a home feel more inviting and vibrant, but did you know it actually increases the property value? Raine & Horne estate agency recently conducted a survey among other real estate agents to find out just how much difference turf can make to the value of a home.

increase your property value

First impressions are important and what’s the first thing someone would notice approaching a house? You guessed it, it’s the front lawn. Raine & Horne, among other estate agents, have noticed that a neat, tidy and lush green lawn attracts buyers to a house. And, with the house prices cooling down, increasing your property value is vital.

healthy turf to improve home value

So, what did the survey discover?

  • 40% of surveyed agents believe a good-looking lawn can boost property value by 20%.
  • 3% believe that number is 30%.
  • According to agents, 89% of buyers like a lawn for the improved look & feel it gives to a home.
  • While 45% of buyers want a lawn to relax on and 42% are looking for a safe place for their children to play.
  • At 63%, the survey found that turf is the most popular surface for family buyers. This is followed by decking (21%), synthetic turf (7%), pavement (5%) and concrete (3%).

You might be wondering what all of this actually amounts to. According to CoreLogic, the average house price across Australia is $550,610. Say turf adds (at least) 20% of the value to the average home, you’ll be looking at a lawn worth $110,000. With turf adding that much to your property value, it’s a worthwhile investment.


So, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is choose a lawn variety and calculate how much turf you’ll need. Buy Turf Online is here to help with anything you may need.


increasing house value

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