Top Ten Lawn Care Tips


MAY, 2019

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is great for your home and household. A good-looking lawn improves the worth of a property while a green lawn can improve your psychological wellbeing. Not to mention the environmental and health benefits that a lawn has.

So, here are our top ten tips for keeping your lawn healthy and thriving.

Lawn Care tip 1

Choose a suitable variety

When choosing a lawn variety, you need to think about the climate you live in and the type of soil you have. Some lawns prefer large amounts of sunlight while other types have a higher tolerance for salt. Choosing a variety that is suitable for your conditions means it will be easier to care for and to keep healthy.

Lawn Care tip 2

Mow regularly

Different varieties grow at different rates and will need mowing more often, however it’s important to keep a mowing routine. By keeping to this routine, you encourage dense growth, keep weeds at bay and makes your lawn less susceptible to disease. But remember, you should never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf length off at one time.

Feed your lawn

Fertiliser provides your lawn with important nutrients for its growth. Fertilising 3-4 times a year will help your lawn rejuvenate and get through the tougher seasons.

Lawn Care tip 3

Water deeply

It’s important to water your lawn thoroughly and infrequently. This mimics rainfall and encourages your lawn to grow deeper roots. By doing this, your lawn will be able to better cope with the stresses of summer and won’t require as much water overall.

Lawn Care tip 4
Lawn Care tip 5

Avoid compaction

Foot traffic and garden furniture, among other things, compact your soil over time. Compaction leads to muddy puddles in winter and bare patches in summer. However, by aerating your soil every year or two, you undo any compaction that occurs over time.

Lawn Care tip 6

Take care of weeds before they appear

Pre-emergents, such as Oxafert, target weeds before they have germinated. That makes them great for tricky weeds such as Winter Grass. It also stops other ungrown weeds from surprising you. Oxafert lasts about 3 months and can be used to protect your lawn each season or just over winter, depending on your needs.

Keep the soil healthy

A yearly pH test can give you an insight into the health of your soil. Most grasses thrive in soil with a pH level between 6-7.5. You can adjust your soil’s pH using lime or sulphate to make it more acidic or alkaline respectively.

Lawn Care tip 7

Watch out for pests

Even a healthy lawn can be invaded by varying pests. These might be beetles, moths or even ants. By keeping an eye out for symptoms of pests, you can have your lawn looking great in no time. Lawn Grub & Beetle Killer takes care of most pests from beetles to millipedes to ants.

Lawn Care tip 8
Lawn Care tip 9

Lawn edging looks great

Finishing off your lawn with great edging gives it a pristine look and can make a huge difference to the overall appearance. Check out how to make your lawn edging look great.

Lawn Care tip 10

Choose an AusGAP supplier

Buying turf from an AusGAP supplier means you can be sure your grass is free from weeds and disease when it arrives. You can also be sure your grass will be genetically pure and true to the type.

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