LSA ColourGuard PLUS


ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser as well as a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn.

Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking fantastic year-round.

Take the hard work out of keeping your lawn looking great year round with LSA ColourGuard PLUS, an environmentally sustainable organic pigment that’s blended with a liquid fertiliser and naturally absorbed by the grass leaf blade.


  • Your lawn will look naturally green and healthy year round, regardless of weather and environmental conditions
  • Reduces the need for watering and fertilising your lawn
  • Maintains natural grass colour throughout dry periods
  • Fade resistant and permanent meaning it won’t run or stain surrounding surfaces once dry and absorbed by the lawn
  • Natural, organic and safe pets, families and the environment


Available in three sizes, a 2L pre-mixed bottle with convenient hose connection, a 10 Litre or 100ml concentrate.

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100ml, 2L