With restrictions easing, and the sun out, now is the perfect opportunity for Australians across the country to enjoy their garden. 

It’s also the best time for landscaping and transforming your garden. Here are our favourite garden trends for you to embrace in 2022: 

  • Curves and arches
  • Reintroducing natural materials
  • Outdoor areas in focus
  • Balcony gardens
  • Kid-friendly spaces
  • Alfresco kitchens 

Curves and arches  

A throwback to mid-century design, curved and arched structures are making a comeback. Whether it’s garden beds or other garden features, curves give a softer, organic and more fluid shape to a garden.

A popular element of this is using architectural concrete to soften harsh and traditionally linear boundaries in your garden. 

Not only does this add a softness to the space, curved garden paths, lawn boundaries, garden walls and benches add a level of intrigue to any garden space. 

A lawn to suit: Sir Grange Zoysia grass is the ideal choice to pair with curved features in your garden. With a fine grass blade and dark green colour, this premium lawn provides a soft lawn to relax on.  

Lawn Kelper

Reintroducing natural materials 

As we have experienced over the pandemic, traditional building materials have been hard to come by. Rather than suffer the issues with the supply chain of these, people are opting for more natural alternatives. Nature stone and timbers, which happen to also be more durable, have become the go-to in many gardens across the country. 

Particularly popular, limestone is being used as both garden features and pavement. And, while timber has never really gone out of fashion, it complements the limestone for a soft nature look for fences. 

Garden trends 2022 - limestone steps in your garden

Outdoor areas in focus 

While outdoor entertaining has always been popular in Australia, it’s become even more important for Australian families since Covid-19 started. 

In particular, BBQ areas, such as fire pits, that allow Australians to cook something while gardening and enjoying their lawn is a growing garden trend in 2022.  

With a focus on outdoor entertaining, keeping your lawn green and healthy with regular maintenance is also growing in importance. For great tips for removing weeds or maintaining a healthy lawn, our lawn care articles will help with a range of topics.  

Outdoor bbq areas garden trend

Balcony gardens 

A growing garden trend for 2022 is making the most of balcony spaces as gardens. While not strictly limited to balconies, people with limited outdoor areas are transforming courtyards, rooftops, terraces and balconies to include as much greenery as possible. These small gardens really prove that getting outdoors, where you can, is an important part of every day.  

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors on a lawn or in a garden improves mental health and reduces stress.  

Even if you don’t have an outdoor space to transform into a balcony garden, you can still create a green space indoors. Even if it’s just a plant in your workstation.  

Balcony garden trend

Kid-friendly spaces

As much as adults are looking for a stronger connection to the outdoors, so are children. Creating an outdoor space that appeals to kids and teens is coming into favour into 2022.  

Kid-friendly spaces feature pools for children to swim in, grass they can run on, or hammocks for teens to lounge on. The idea is to get them away from screens and into the fresh air.  

If you’d like to choose a child-friendly lawn variety, DNA Certified Sir Walter grass is an allergy-resistant lawn that reduces hay fever, itchy legs and gives kids a soft landing if they fall over.  

Kid friendly grass

Alfresco kitchens

A step further than a BBQ area integrated into your garden; alfresco kitchens bring the entire kitchen outdoors. Pairing well with a veggie or herb garden, an outdoor kitchen gives you and your guests to make the most of summer evenings.  

A space where you can entertain and cook fresh meals, an alfresco kitchen is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition, but it cuts down on time the host spends running indoors to check on food or make new drinks.  

Alfresco kitchens
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