Getting Your Lawn in Shape After Summer


MARCH, 2019

Lawn Care

Less water, more daylight and stronger sunlight make summer a very difficult time for your lawn. If it’s tended to properly, it’ll pull through just fine but might need some extra help to get back into tip-top shape.

Summer care

Apply summer fertiliser

A fertiliser at the end of summer will help your lawn recover quickly. Sir Walter Fertiliser will fix those yellow or brown spots as well as the heat damage. It’ll improve your lawn’s colour, growth and the soil’s nutrient levels. And, Sir Walter Fertiliser isn’t just for Buffalo lawns. It has the right balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus that all warm-season grasses need in order to thrive.

Adjust your watering habits

Keep an eye on how your lawn is feeling as the season changes. If you leave a footprint when you walk on the grass, your lawn needs more water. However, if the grass feels spongey as you walk, you are watering too much.

Try not to water in the heat of the day or late in the evening. With too much sunlight, most of the water will just evaporate. In the evening, however, you risk your lawn remaining damp which increases chances of lawn disease.

water after summer
mowing height

Lower your mowing height

If you kept your mowing height a bit longer during summer, now is the time to start lowering it back down. Make sure to do this gradually, otherwise, you’ll send your lawn into shock by scalping it. The general rule is to remove no more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.

Now summer is over, your lawn will thank you for the little extra effort you put in. A little TLC will get your lawn in shape before you know it.

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