How to Protect Your Lawn from Fire Pits



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During the cooler months, it’s quite lovely to pull out the fire pit and enjoy some good conversation with friends and family. I’m sure you already know how important safety is when fire is involved but do you know how to keep your lawn safe as well?

If you use a fire pit regularly, you’d already know you have to keep it away from the house, the fence, trees and other objects. But, this usually means it ends up on the grass. You’d also be familiar with moving the pit the next morning to find a patch of dead grass.

fire pit

Here’s how to protect your lawn:

  • Remove any debris or dead grass that might catch if an ember escapes.
  • Raise the fire pit onto a platform of bricks or pavers. These will create some extra distance and they will also act as a heat shield. Remember to remove them afterwards so they don’t suffocate the grass beneath.
  • If you feel the lawn beneath is getting quite warm, water the area under the fire pit a few times through the night to cool it down.
  • Avoid lighter fluids or other fuels that create extremely hot flames. You want the wood to catch naturally and to slowly build hot coals beneath.
  • Shop around to find a fire pit that suits your yard. Some are raised higher, are more adaptable or built for small areas.

By following these tips, you should be able to avoid the awful scorch marks and patch of dead grass.

protect your lawn

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