G’day, lawn enthusiasts! As the scorching Aussie summer approaches, it’s time to show your lawn some extra love and care. With the sun shining brighter and the temperatures rising, your front and back yard deserves some special attention.

Let’s dive into our Summer lawn care tips and your frequently asked questions for keeping your lawn lush and vibrant during the summer heat.


Watering Your Lawn in Summer

Just like us, our lawns need a good drink to thrive in the summer heat. Especially in the stress of the heat, it’s important to keep your grass well-watered and healthy.

The best way to test if your lawn is thirsty is to do the footprint test. When you walk on your lawn the grass should bounce back into shape. However, if your footprint leaves noticeable imprints, you know its time to water your grass.

It’s also important, especially in Summer, to water your lawn thoroughly and deeply rather than frequently. This will help to improve your lawn’s drought tolerance and will become particularly useful during water restrictions.

How often to water your lawn in Summer Australia?

During Summer your lawn needs a good drink. Aim for 2-3 times a week, giving your turf a solid soaking. However, keep an eye on the weather to adjust the frequency based on rainfall and temperature.

How long should you water your lawn for in Summer?

Don’t rush the hydration process! A deep watering session is more effective than frequent short bursts. Aim for about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, ensuring it reaches the roots for a happy, healthy lawn.

What is the best time to water the lawn in Summer?

Set your sprinklers to dance in the early morning or late afternoon. This minimises water loss due to evaporation and allows your lawn to absorb moisture when it needs it most.


Sir Walter Lawn in Summer

Mowing Your Lawn in Summer

With increased lawn growth in Summer, comes an increase in mowing. Depending on your grass variety, you’ll want to keep your lawn height between 2-4 cm. For example, Sir Walter Buffalo grass’s optimum height is 25mm.

When it comes to mowing, always remember the 1/3 rule. No matter how long your grass blades are, only ever take off a third of the length. If you mow too much at once, you’ll risk your lawn getting stressed and dying off in patches.

How often should you mow your lawn in Summer?

Keep those blades spinning! In the summer months, a trim every 1-2 weeks is ideal. Adjust your mower height to leave the grass a bit longer – it provides shade for the soil and reduces water evaporation.

How to thicken the lawn in Summer?

Encourage growth by mowing consistently and applying a nitrogen-rich fertiliser. This not only thickens your turf but also gives it that lush, green look you’ve been dreaming of.


Summer Lawn Car in Australia

Fertilising Your Lawn in Summer

Just like a balanced diet keeps us healthy, your lawn craves the right nutrients. Summer fertilising helps your lawn maintain an even growth pattern.

If you’ve performed a pH test in Spring, you’ll have a better idea of what nutrients your soil is missing. This will tell you which fertiliser will best to enrich your soil with essential nutrients and micronutrients.

However, if your lawn needs a quick boost, a liquid fertiliser such as Lawn Kelper or Exceed fertiliser will do the trick.

Remember to always water in the fertiliser thoroughly and as quickly as possible after application. Especially in Summer, fertiliser can burn your lawn if it isn’t watered in quickly enough.

Can you fertilise your lawn in Summer?

Absolutely! A slow-release fertiliser with a balanced blend of nutrients will keep the supply of fertiliser steady throughout the growth season. For a quick boost, ahead of a house sale or a garden party, choose a liquid fertiliser.

How often should you fertilise your lawn in Summer?

Once every 6-8 weeks should do the trick for new lawns. However, once your lawn is established, you’ll only need to fertilise your lawn once a season.


Beating the Heat with Summer Lawn Care

Summer is a time for relaxation, but your lawn might need a little extra care. With the extreme heat, Australian Summers hold a number of challenges for your lawn. Beyond fertilising, watering and mowing, it’s important to keep weeds at bay and perform annual lawn care rituals.

Can you top dress a lawn in Summer?

You should hold off on the top dressing in the height of Summer. However, before it gets too hot, top dressing will enhance soil quality, level uneven areas, and promote healthy grass growth.

How can you get rid of Summer grass in your lawn?

Tackle unwanted guests with regular mowing and proper watering. If pesky summer grass persists, consider spot treatment with herbicides. Our go-to treatment for this Summer weed is Wipe-Out Glyphosate.

How to keep the lawn green in Summer heat

Good lawn care including adequate watering, fertilising and mowing will help keep your lawn green throughout Summer.

For an extra boost of green, ColourGuard PLUS lawn paint is a liquid fertiliser and natural grass pigment that will restore a healthy green colour.

Can you aerate your lawn in Summer?

Hold off on aerating until Autumn or Spring when your lawn is in its prime growing season. However, if you missed Spring, choose a cooler part of Summer to aerate your lawn.

How to fix a patchy lawn in Summer

Patchiness can be a sign of dehydration or nutrient deficiency. Identify the cause and address it accordingly – a bit of extra watering or targeted fertilisation might be just what your lawn needs. Read more about fixing a patchy lawn.


There you have it, mates! Your go-to guide for keeping your lawn thriving in the Aussie summer. With a bit of care, a splash of water, and some timely mowing, your green oasis will be the envy of the neighborhood. So, gear up, grab your hat, and let’s enjoy a vibrant, green paradise in our own backyard.

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