Buffalo Grass Weeds

Keeping buffalo grass varieties, such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass, free from weeds is crucial for a healthy, thriving lawn.

If weeds start to grow in your buffalo grass, you may find they start to compete for nutrients and your lawn can struggle.

Find out what common weeds you should be looking out for, how to control weeds in buffalo grass and what the best weed killer to use is.

The Most Common Broadleaf Weeds in Buffalo Lawns

While most Australian weeds can invade your buffalo lawn, spotting these common broadleaf weeds early will meant that they will be easier to treat and less likely to spread.

Onion Weeds

Onion Weed is a tricky weed to treat as it’s roots will quickly regrow if they stay in the soil. It will also spread it’s seeds and continue to grow that way.

The best way to tackle Onion Weed is to identify it before it seeds and to use a non-selective herbicide such as Yates Zeroaqua.

Onion Weeds

You can identify Onion Weed by its thin green strappy leaves that grow from a white bulb.

It’s flowers grow at the top of a long stalk and are also white. The bulb at the base of the Onion Weed gives off an onion smell when crushed, hence its name.

Creeping Oxalis

Looking like a smaller version of the Clover, Creeping Oxalis is a persistent weed that can regrow from stem fragments and bulbils.

Creeping Oxalis

A fast-growing weed, Creeping Oxalis is often used as ground cover. It has heart-shaped leaves and grows yellow or white flowers.

It’s best to act quickly when treating Creeping Oxalis, as the roots grow so fast.

Use a non-selective herbicide and apply it by painting it directly onto the leaves.

Winter Grass

Another pesky weed, Winter Grass is a short-lived lawn weed that will reappear year after year if it is allowed to seed.

However, this is where the problem lays. Winter Grass is extremely hard to identify until it has grown its seed heads.

Creeping Oxalis

To get rid of existing Winter Grass, you should use a herbicide such as Amgrow Winter Grass killer.

However, we also suggest using a pre-emergent herbicide such as Oxafert in Autumn, before the Winter Grass seeds have a chance to regrow.

Summer Grass

Also known as Crabgrass, Summer Grass is an annual weed. This low growing weed has fibrous roots and soft stems. The leaves, however, are soft and hairy.

Creeping Oxalis

Before Summer Grass has a chance to spread, you can hand pick each weed.

However, for larger invasions, you should use non-selective herbicides that can be painted directly onto the lawn weed.


Well known for their seed head, the wind easily carries Dandelion seeds into Australian yards across the country.

Dandelion In Buffalo Turf

Well known for their seed head, the wind easily carries Dandelion seeds into Australian yards across the country.

White Clover

Another well-known weed in Australian lawns, the White Clover has oval shaped leaves that grow in sets of three.

As hinted in the name, the flowers of the Clover are white and are a particular favourite for bees.

White Clover Lawn Weed

While these don’t necessarily damage your lawn and you may prefer the appearance of more bees, the White Clover weed thrives in soil that is lacking Nitrogen.

If you spot these in your lawn, it’s best to test the pH of your soil. If you’d also like to remove the weed straight away, you can use a herbicide that won’t damage your buffalo lawn.


The Bindii weed grows in a small rosette shape with stolons also forming rosettes.

However, you would best recognise Bindii by its prickly seed pod. These form and harden as the plant dies off in Spring.

Prevent Bindiis From Reappearing

It’s best to treat Bindii as soon as it appears, if spotted, by using Amgrow Bin-Die (developed for safe use in Buffalo lawns).

Discover more common lawn weeds to keep an eye out for in your lawn. Read more on how to Kill Bindii Weeds for Good.

How to Control Weeds Naturally

Luckily, most weeds are easy to control in Australian backyards with Sir Buffalo turf.

The wonderful thing about a healthy soft leaf buffalo lawn is that it will generally outcompete invasive weeds that pop up.

However, if you’re lawn is in the shade or a high traffic area, you may find that weed will creep in.

How you control weeds will largely depend on the type of invading weed. Some weeds, such as Winter Grass, will be difficult to control naturally.

Methods of natural weed control include mowing and hand removal.


Mowing can be an effective way to get rid of lawn weeds, without needing weed killers. While mowing is easy, it does have its drawbacks.

If the weeds have already started to seed, mowing will only help to spread them. Mowing also won’t help to control weeds that are low growing.

Mowing Buffalo Turf To Avoid Lawn Weeds

Hand Removal

Ideal for small occurrences, removing weeds by hand is useful for many weeds, no matter the lawn types.

Where hand removal becomes difficult, is for weeds such as Onion Weed, that require their entire root to be removed.

Regular Maintenance

A healthy, well-maintained buffalo lawn will outgrow weeds and stop them from appearing in your yard in the first place.

The key to a thriving lawn is regular fertilising as well as mowing and watering based on the season and your climate conditions.

How To Kill Weeds In Buffalo Grass

If a natural control solution isn’t enough for your invading weed, you can use certain types of herbicides.

Unlike most varieties of grass, you need to be very selective about the weed killer you choose for your buffalo lawn.

What’s the best weed killer for Buffalo grass?

As buffalo lawns are technically a broad leaf lawn variety, some weed killers can actually cause damage to your lawn.

Always check the label to ensure that your chosen weed killer is suitable and won’t cause damage.

While the best weed killer will depend on what sort of weed is invading, you should try and find one that has been specially designed for controlling certain broadleaf weeds in your buffalo lawn.

A good place to start is Lawn Lover’s Buffalo Lawn Weed Control.

Stronger weed killer, such as non-selective herbicides will need to be carefully applied so they don’t touch your lawn, no matter the lawn variety.

When’s the best time to treat weeds?

It’s important to treat any invasive weeds as soon as you notice them. Given the chance to seed, some weeds will become extremely difficult to control completely.

The best time, however, is before weeds even appear.

A pre emergent herbicide, such as Oxafert, will stop weeds from having the chance to germinate and grow.

Will fertiliser kill weeds?

While fertiliser won’t directly kill weeds, fertilsing your lawn regularly will help it to remain healthy and outcompete weeds on it’s own.

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