Getting Rid of Bindii Grass

The process of removing bindii weeds in your lawn starts now, in winter, before they produce their hard, prickly burrs.

We all have memories of running barefoot in the back yard, only to get a sharp pain jolt through our foot.

An instant mood-killer, bindii weeds are incredibly difficult to eradicate for good, but not impossible. In our guide, we’ll cover the 3 steps to removing bindii weeds for good.

Bindii Guide

Step 1: Identify the Bindii Weed

The key to removing bindii weeds for good is to spot them before they produce their seed pods.

However, this is often quite difficult when their burr is the most distinguishable feature of the bindii weed.

Keep your eye out in winter for bindii weeds before they’ve dried out and their burrs become particularly prickly.

They grow in a small rosette formation with stolons that form additional rosettes. Their leaves are finely divided on short stems and their flower heads grow in the rosette centre.

At the ends of their flower heads, they grow burrs with short, sharp spines.

As spring progress, the bindii weed dries out, hardens and develops seed pods, making it very hard to control the weed from reappearing next year.

Step 2: Remove Bindii Weeds

You can remove bindii weeds from your lawn a couple of ways. If you catch it earlier enough, you can control the weed by handpicking it from your lawn.

However, if you leave it too late, your only option will be to use a weed killer.

Removing Bindii Weeds By Hand

One of the more natural ways to remove weeds is by hand. It means you don’t need to worry about finding the right weedkiller or using chemicals.

However, removing the bindii weed by hand once it has hardened and produced seed pods is not only more difficult but it usually means you’ll face a bindii weed problem again next year.

If you have identified your bindii weeds early enough and decide to remove them by hand, always ensure you pull out all of the roots and dispose of them in the bin.

Leaving roots in the soil or on your lawn will allow the bindii weeds to easily grow back again next year.

Removing Bindiis By Hand

Which Weed Killer To Use On Bindii Weeds

A selective herbicide such as Amgrow Bin-Die is the best option for removing bindii weeds.

Amgrow Bin-Die weed killer has been developed specially for use on buffalo grass varieties such as DNA Certified Sir Walter lawns but will also work for other warm-season lawn varieties.

If you do have a buffalo lawn and are choosing a different selective weed killer, always check the label to ensure it won’t harm your grass as well.

How To Spray Lawn Weeds

Spraying lawn weeds with selective weed killers can be quite laborious but is straight forward.

If you are using a concentrate, dilute the mixture as the label instructs and apply it to your lawn.

You can apply the diluted mixture with a sprayer, which will give an even spread, or with a watering can if you don’t have access to a sprayer.

If you are using a hose-on weed killer, simply attach the hose and spread evenly.

It’s best not to mow for 2 days after you apply weedkiller and keep your pets and children away from the treated area.

The bindii weeds should die off within 10 days of applying the herbicide. If it doesn’t you should consider a second application.

Step 3: Prevent Bindii Weeds from Reappearing

After you go through the effort of removing bindii weeds from your lawn, the last thing you want is for them to just reappear again the next year.

There are a few things you can do to stop this happening, including using a pre-emergent herbicide and maintaining a naturally healthy lawn.

Using A Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides, such as Oxafert, are a mix of herbicide and fertiliser which target the weed seeds underground before they germinate and grow in your lawn.

Unfortunately, you still need to control any existing weeds but by using pre-emergent as part of your lawn care routine, you will keep any weeds at bay.

How pre-emergent herbicides works are by forming a barrier at soil level which prevents the growth of new seedlings.

Due to this, it’s best to only use it on established lawns. And, with pre-emergent herbicide lasting about 3 months, it’s easy to apply it seasonally to prevent the different weeds that apply throughout the year.  

How To Prevent Weeds Naturally

The best way to naturally prevent bindii, and other weeds, from appearing in your lawn is to keep it healthy.

By regularly fertilising and watering your lawn, it will be able to outcompete most weeds.

You should also raise your mowing height over winter to not only increase the amount of light it gets but to help you avoid scalping your grass.

With a bit of regular care, your lawn will stay healthy and you’ll need to spend less time removing weeds.

Prevent Bindiis From Reappearing


By following our 3 steps to removing bindii weeds for good, you’ll be able to step out onto your lawn worry-free throughout the year.

After all, your lawn is the perfect place to relax, play and enjoy barbeques throughout spring and summer.

For more lawn care advice about keeping your lawn healthy and weed-free, check out our lawn care blog.

How to treat Bindii in your lawn [Video]

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