Sir Walter Buffalo Characteristics

With over 100 million square metres of DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass sold in Australia, it’s by far the country’s favourite lawn. Discover what characteristics make Sir Walter lawns a key part of achieving the Australian dream.

Look & Feel


Vibrant green all year round, Sir Walter buffalo grass is the epitome of what every Australian desires in a lawn. It is a lush, broad leaf grass with a tight growth habit. This means you get a thick lawn that is soft underfoot.

One of the reasons Sir Walter Buffalo grass is well-known for its appearance, is due to its superior winter colour. Even as other lawns start to brown or look blue, Sir Water buffalo lawns maintain their vibrant green colour.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Drought Characteristics

Leaf Texture

A soft leaf buffalo lawn is a delightful and practical choice for your lawn. Not only is it comfortable for relaxing on, but it also makes for a soft landing when kids are playing games and sports.

It’s broad leaves, combined with a thick growth habit, gives a lush and healthy appearance to make your lawn look just as appealing as it feels.


Not only is Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf free from allergens and pollens, but it also actively decreases the amount of allergens in the surrounding area.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf captures and limits the spread of dust and pollen, making it the perfect choice for people or pets that suffer from hay fever. Additionally, with a soft leaf, this buffalo grass doesn’t irritate the skin and cause rashes.

Sir Walter is a very dense turf

Growth & Maintenance

Growth Habit

As we’ve mentioned, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a tight growth habit. While this makes it look more appealing, it also makes your Sir Walter Buffalo lawn very durable. It can handle high foot traffic and is quick repairing if was to become damaged.

From its earliest stages, it establishes a robust root system, anchoring itself firmly into the earth. This vigorous growth not only accelerates the establishment process but also ensures a dense, resilient turf that withstands the trials of time and use.

Care requirements

From mowing to fertilising, Sir Walter Grass simplifies lawn care, leaving more time for relaxation and enjoyment.

In a world where time is a precious commodity, Sir Walter Grass offers respite from the demands of high-maintenance landscaping. With its low-maintenance nature, Sir Walter Buffalo grass has minimal care requirements to thrive and remain healthy.

This allows you to reclaim your weekends and enjoy your outdoor space without the burden of constant upkeep.

Turf is tolerant to shade

Climate & Resilience

Shade Tolerance

While some lawns become boggy or start to die off in shaded areas, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is shade tolerant. This allows Sir Walter Buffalo lawn to thrive in suburban areas where trees, shrubs and fences cast a near-constant shadow over the grass.

Drought Tolerance

Particularly well-suited to the Australian climate, Sir Walter Buffalo lawn has been genetically chosen for its ability to endure periods of drought and water scarcity.

It naturally grows deep roots that allows it to tap into underground water sources and conserve moisture. When faced with water restrictions, as we do most years, Sir Walter Buffalo lawn remains green for longer and bounces back quicker following lack of water.

Wear Tolerance

From kids playing to pets digging holes Sir Walter Buffalo lawn rises to the challenge. It’s resilience to the demands of high wear and tear make it a particularly durable lawn.

And, even with too much wear and tear, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is quick to repair. It grows back thick and fast to fill in any bare patches, keeping your lawn looking pristine.

Disease Resistance

With a natural resistance to lawn diseases, a healthy Sir Walter Buffalo lawn will remain free from common diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot lawn disease. While it is still prone to disease, a healthy lawn will be able to fight off issues and minimise the need for chemical intervention.

Salt Tolerance

For coastal dwellers, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf offers unrivaled salt tolerance. It flourishes in environments where other turf varieties struggle.

Ocean and salt water tolerant turf

What Makes These Characteristics So Appealing?

Environmental Friendliness

Sir Walter Grass is environmentally friendly, requiring less water and fewer chemicals than other turf varieties. This makes it a sustainable choice for homeowners and landscapers who want to reduce their environmental footprint while still enjoying a lush lawn.


Sir Walter Grass is versatile and can be used in a variety of landscaping projects, from large lawns to small garden beds. Its adaptability makes it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties alike.

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Erosion Control

Sir Walter Grass helps prevent soil erosion by forming a dense root system that stabilises the soil. This is especially important for slopes and in areas prone to erosion from wind or water, as it helps protect the landscape and maintain its integrity.

Urban Cooling

In built-up areas, Sir Walter buffalo grass plays a vital role in naturally cooling the surrounding area as well as absorbing loud noises. This improves quality of life for families living in built-up areas – and makes the Summer heat more bearable.

Community Building

Sir Walter Grass brings people together and strengthens community bonds. Whether hosting neighborhood events or enjoying outdoor activities with family and friends, it creates inviting spaces where communities can connect and thrive.

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