Looking After Pets and Your Lawn

Lawn Care

Keeping the balance between the health of your pets and lawn can be a difficult task. Using chemicals can be dangerous for your pets, while allowing your pets on the lawn can be harmful to growth. Your pets may love getting exercise in the garden, but can your lawn withstand the activity?

Digging and Scratching

Your pet cat or dog may enjoy digging in the yard, which can be a nuisance.

Luckily, there are a couple of simple fixes to cease this pesky digging or scratching.

Finding a distraction for your dog or cat is a good solution.

Start by getting your pet some toys so they will play with them rather than destroying your lawn.

A self-repairing grass with a thick growth habit also allows the sites of digging to grow back faster.

DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn is a good choice to consider for this.

Urine Burns

If your dog treats your lawn like a toilet, you may end up with patchy grass from ‘urine burns’.

This is worse when your dog has too much protein which makes its urine contain high levels of nitrogen.

Two much nitrogen will burn your lawn.

A simple fix for this is to just allow your dog to go on regular walks around your neighbourhood which burns off the excess protein and may also let your pooch urinate elsewhere.


If you are a regular user of fertilizers and pesticides, it is crucial for your pet’s health that you keep your furry friends away from the area while you are using a fertilizer or pesticide.

It also helps if you leave your pet inside for a day or so after using these chemicals just to make sure that they won’t have any health issues.

If your dog or cat shows any signs of sickness after the use of a pesticide or fertilizer, don’t hesitate to visit your local vet.

Chickens and Your Lawn

If you keep chickens on your grass, you would know that they love scratching and digging for worms, which can leave holes and patchy areas on your lawn. Setting up an enclosure away from your lawn can make sure it stays healthy. If you do not want to keep your chickens locked up, you may also place a fence around a new lawn or a damaged area which will allow it to grow and repair.

By following these tips, you will help keep your lawn healthy and your pets happy with minimal fuss.

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