How to Choose the Best Grass for Dogs and Other Pets

Keep your furry friends happy, both inside and outside, with the best grass for dogs and other pets.

While some grass varieties may thrive in your climate, they aren’t well suited to the wear and tear that comes with pets.

By having a lawn that can remain healthy while withstanding wear and tear, digging, urine burns and dog poop, your pet has a safe place to play and relax through the year.

So, which lawn varieties will stay green and healthy while your dog kicks up dirt?

What's the best grass for dogs

What You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Grass For Dogs & Pets?

Every pet is different and you’ll know your pet better than anyone.

Depending on whether they’re boisterous or prefer to sunbathe, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best grass for your pets.

These include how much your dog enjoys running and the wear and tear this causes on a lawn, whether your pet likes to dig or scratch grass, if your dog does their business outside and whether your pet has allergies.

Wear & Tear

If your pet uses the same route to get to their favourite sunbathing spot or they run around a lot, it can cause quite a bit of wear and tear on the lawn.

This can cause grass to stop growing in certain areas or for the ground to become compacted.

A lawn, such as DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass or Nullabor Couch Grass, are particularly resistant to wear and tear. They’ll be able to repair quicker and remain healthy due to their natural wear tolerance.

However, if you already have a lawn that isn’t as wear resistant, there are still a few things you can do.

If your pet is causing tracks in your lawn, you can try placing a pot plant in their way and give the lawn a chance to recover over time.

You may also need to aerate the soil more often to counteract the soil compaction. And, fertilising regularly will help your lawn stay fit and healthy despite the extra wear.

How to Choose the Best Grass for Dogs and Other Pets

Digging & Scratching

Dog owners will know just how much dogs enjoy digging. And, seasoned chicken owners will know how much they like to scratch at the grass and soil for bugs and seeds.

 While this is perfectly normal for pets, it can be quite damaging for lawns.

Choosing a lawn with a dense growth habit is vital. An example is the wear resistant Sir Walter Buffalo grass.

However, a new lawn will need time to establish deep roots. Keeping your pets from digging and scratching while a lawn establishes is really important.

Otherwise, you risk sections of your new lawn being pulled up.

For dogs, digging is often a sign of boredom. A few toys or extra walks may keep this at bay while you train them not to dig in the yard.

Urine Burns

Dog urine contains a high amount of nitrogen. While nitrogen is important for a green lawn, too much of it will burn the grass.

This could cause brownish-yellow patches in the lawn or make it difficult for grass to grow in certain areas.

To avoid this, you can encourage your dog to drink more water, which will dilute the nitrogen. Or, you can set water sprinklers to water in the urine so it doesn’t burn the grass.

Alternatively, you can use a pee stick to encourage your dog to relieve themselves in a litter box or the garden bed instead of on the lawn.

Dog poop can cause similar issues, although it’s not as fast-acting. Simply removing the poop from your lawn as quickly as possible will work wonders.


Believe it or not, pets can have allergies just as people do. If your pet reacts to dust in the house, chances are they will react to the pollen and dust outside the home as well.

By choosing an allergy resistant lawn, such as Sir Walter Buffalo grass, you can help your pet feel comfortable outside.

Which Grass Is The Best Grass For Dogs & Pets?

For a dog friendly grass, you want to look for a wear resistant lawn that is quick repairing as well as having a soft leaf for your pet to relax.

While there are a few grass options for pets, it’s important to also consider whether your lawn is in full sunlight and if your climate is prone to drought or frost.  

Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka Kikuyu is certainly a tough lawn that grows quickly. This makes Kikuyu lawns one of the best grass for dogs.

Eureka Kikuyu lawns can cope with high traffic but aren’t particularly shade tolerant. If this grass doesn’t get full sun during the day, it will start to suffer.

Nullabor Couch

This is another hardy lawn variety. It grows relatively slowly but is incredibly wear and pest resistant.

For a lawn that repairs quickly, Couch is the way to go.

Dogs love to run on grass

DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter lawns are great in the sun but are shade tolerant as well. They grow quickly and have great wear resistance.

While they require more mowing than Nullarbor Couch lawns, they need less than Eureka Kikuyu grass.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is also known for its allergy resistance, soft leaf and tight growth habit.

The Best Grass For Dogs Verdict

While you need to consider which grass variety will be best for your climate as well as your pet, typically Sir Walter lawns are a great choice for both.

After all, there is a reason it’s Australia’s favourite lawn.

Why You Should Avoid Artificial Grass For Pets?

While artificial turf may seem low maintenance, it can cause huge issues for pets, especially in Summer.

Due to the synthetic material of artificial grass, it heats up rapidly in the Australian heat.

Often, artificial grass will need to be watered down before it can be used in Summer, otherwise, your pet will burn their paws.

They’re also quite difficult to clean as they accumulate dust and grime as well as any pet excrement.

Essentially, artificial turf is a plastic rug that will need to be thoroughly watered to remove food stains, saliva, sweat and more.

Typically, artificial turf requires more care and water without the benefits of a natural place for your pet to relax and play.

Choosing a suitable grass for your pet is one of the best things you can do for them.

Having a healthy lawn for them to play and relax will make them happier and keep them healthy as well.

Plus, having a healthy lawn for your pet means you also have a relaxing place to enjoy the sunshine while throwing a ball for your furry friend.

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