How to Hold Off Invading Grass



Lawn Care

There are so many varieties of grass out there, it isn’t a surprise that invading grass is an issue.
When a foreign grass invades yours, it’s ugly and annoying, especially after all the care you put into your lawn.

How does grass invade?

There are a few ways foreign grass can get into yours. Grass seeds may spread through bird waste, the wind, animal fur or clothing. The previous lawn in your yard may not have completely died off and is re-emerging. Or, your neighbour’s lawn may creep into yours.

How can I get rid of it?

If it’s just a minor issue, hand pulling can be the simplest answer.

If you have a Couch or Zoysia lawn and it’s a Buffalo variety invading, you can use a broadleaf herbicide. This will kill off any Buffalo grass but won’t affect other varieties.

However, if these don’t work, you can use glyphosate to poison the invading grass.

Kikuyu is a particular menace. It’s fast growing and often hides in Buffalo lawns unnoticed.

What’s the proper method for glyphosate poisoning?

If this is the method you have chosen, you first need to stop mowing for a while. Let both kinds of grass grow out so they are distinguishable from each other.

Use a paintbrush to paint the glyphosate mix on the invading grass ONLY.

Make sure you wear gloves to separate the grass and remember that glyphosate will kill any plant it touches.

If your neighbours’ grass is invading, you might consider putting in a border to keep it out. Find out more here.

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