Keeping Over-Friendly Lawn Out Of Your Garden Bed


AUGUST, 2017


Well done for successfully removing any unwanted vegetation and getting your over-friendly lawn under control. Are you ready to keep it that way? You have a few options for creating a border between your garden bed and lawn.

The most effective type of border is a hard border. This could be almost anything, whatever you decide suits your garden best. Most commonly, people choose treated timber but you could also use bricks, pavers rocks or old crockery. You just need to make sure it is deep enough into the ground to discourage the grass from growing beneath them.

Another option would be to create a space border, also known as an ‘English Border’. This is a small trench dug between the garden bed and lawn. A space border makes it easy to see and treat any invading grass or weeds.

A short-term solution you could consider is using a herbicide to make a dirt border. Be extremely cautious with the herbicide as the edges will most often have a chemical burn look to them. Long-term, this particular solution could lead to herbicide resistant weeds popping up and establishing themselves.

Whatever you may choose, try to use an edging that will make mowing and whipper-snipping easier. That way, the outcome will make for a satisfyingly neat yard that looks great.

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