You Don’t Need to Choose Between Your Pets and Your Lawn
AUGUST, 2017
No one wants to have to make the decision between their pets and their beloved turf, and you shouldn’t have to.

Pets often wreak havoc on turfed lawns, especially large dogs. They dig holes, tear up grass as they run, create urine burns and little landmines of faeces.

But turf can also be a bit tricky for some pets.

You wouldn’t want to find out the hard way that your pet is sensitive to allergies and while you might laugh for hours as your cat sneezes and then jumps into the air in fright, it will most certainly be plotting your murder in your sleep.

To minimise the hurdles you may face, you should choose a lawn that has a high tolerance for heavy foot traffic and is of a low allergenic variety.

DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass is a superb candidate.

It is self-repairing, low allergenic and ready to stand up to the challenge. Your pup will have a hard time finding its bones once Sir Walter regrows.

When you are fertilising your lawn or using pesticides, always keep pets inside or elsewhere until it is safe. You should always check the product safety recommendations so you know how best to keep your pets safe.

There is nothing better than a harmonious, happy household.

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