DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn – A Step Above the Rest


MAY, 2019

DIY Maintenance

Born and raised here in Australia, DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn is the perfect choice for any home. Its versatility means it can survive our sweltering summers and nippy winters. It’s tough, yet beautiful with its broad leaf and thick coverage. If you’re looking for a new lawn, here’s why DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn is the one for you.

DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf

It’s as tough as nails

There is no doubt that Sir Walter lawns are tough. It’s tight growth and fast repairing habit means they are able to better compete with weeds and recover from any damage quickly. Sir Walter Lawn is:

  • Weed and disease resistant
  • Tolerant of wear and foot traffic
  • Happy in shade or full sunlight
  • Drought resistant

If you look after your Sir Walter lawn, it’ll continue to bounce back, even after damage from drought or frost. With the right care and maintenance, it’ll never need replacing.


Unlike other varieties of buffalo lawn, DNA Certified Sir Walter Grass has smooth grass blades. This means no more itching legs while you enjoy the fresh air. It also produces very few seed heads and actually traps pollens and dust, reducing the effects of hayfever.

10 year warranty

Our DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf is backed by a Lawn Solutions Australia 10 Year Product Warranty, no matter the size of your purchase. This warranty ensures that the turf you receive is grown to the highest standards and arrives free from weeds and disease.

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

It’s no wonder over 60 million square metres of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has been sold since 1997. Choose Australia’s favourite lawn for your yard and enjoy the BBQs, games and relaxation that’ll come with it.

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