What’s the Deal with Pre-Emergent Herbicide?



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Pre-emergent herbicide is a mix of herbicide and fertiliser. Used for weed control, it will prevent seed germination. But that sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

pre-emergent herbicide

Pre-emergent weed control will only deal with the seeds of weeds that are yet to germinate. Any existing weeds will still be a problem.

The best way to use a pre-emergent is to eradicate existing weeds and then make the pre-emergent part of your lawn care routine. This is much healthier and easier than spraying weeds as they appear throughout the year.

You should use the pre-emergent herbicide on an established lawn only. It won’t stunt root growth of your lawn but can cause problems for new, establishing lawns.

The pre-emergent works by forming a barrier at soil level which prevents the growth of new seedlings. Lasting around 3 months, it is easy to apply it seasonally to combat the different weeds that emerge throughout the year.

pre-emergent weed control
spread just like fertiliser

Pre-emergent works on both broadleaf and annual grass type weeds. It should be applied much like standard fertiliser. Use a hand spreader, or similar, sprinkling it across the lawn and then water it in thoroughly.

This is an excellent way to keep the weeds away throughout the year. Pre-emergent weed control is also versatile. It can be used in domestic settings, fairways, golf tees and sports fields. Not only that but the fertiliser in the mix gives your lawn a boost too.

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