Working Towards a Greener Australia, One Lawn at a Time


MAY, 2019

Greener Australia
Lawn Benefits

As our cities grow, it’s becoming more important for us to keep ourselves and the environment healthy. A well-maintained lawn will not only look great but will help us all move towards a greener Australia.

Research shows that turfgrass is great for the environment as well as our mental and physical health. Among these benefits, natural turfgrass provides a safe place for children to play, reduces pollution and cools urban environments.

Environmental Benefits

Turfgrass has many benefits for our environment. It soaks up carbon monoxide, heat and improves the quality of our air and water. A healthy lawn will provide the same amount of cooling as an open water pool or lake but loses 40% less water due to evaporation. Turfgrass also:

  • Protects houses from bushfires
  • Reduces water run-off and erosion
  • Improves soil quality
  • Reduces noise and glare

Did you know: Parliament House was designed purposefully with a turfed roof in order to reduce noise and to reduce the cost of air conditioning

environmental turf benefits

“We can restore this precious earth with something as simple as turfgrass – the earth’s living skin.”

– Turfgrass Producers International


health turf benefits

Health Benefits

But grass isn’t just beneficial to the environment, it also has psychological and physical health benefits for us. Lawns and parks are a place where you can relax and step away from the stress of our busy lives. Research studies have found that: 


  • Families who walk through the park report better quality of life and reduced problems with child behaviour.
  • Inner-city park areas improve mental health, disease immunity and greater productivity for those living in high-rise apartments.
  • Mowing a lawn provides regular and valuable cardiovascular exercise.

Did you know: Parliament House was designed purposefully with a turfed roof in order to reduce noise and to reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Lawns provide a safe place for relaxation as well as sports, and a turfed yard remains part of the Australian dream. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder turfed lawn is Australia’s favourite outdoor surface.

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