Wondering What to do with Those Autumn Leaves on Your Lawn?


APRIL, 2019

Lawn Care

Now that the weather is (slightly) cooling down, you’ll start to notice those autumn leaves consuming your yard. Although the colours can be beautiful, it’s important to keep them off your lawn as much as possible, not just for tidiness but for the health of your lawn.

Autumn Leaves

Why keep autumn leaves off your lawn?


  • Lawns need to ‘breathe’, and a layer of leaves can stop them from doing this.
  • Thick layers of autumn leaves will increase the risk of pests and disease.
  • A coating of leaves over your lawn will stop water, sunlight and air from reaching the soil and grass.

However, autumn leaves are extremely rich in essential minerals. To simply rake them up and throw them away would be a waste. Instead, you can re-purpose them in your garden and return these minerals into the soil. You could:


  • Use them in your compost bin. Once they’ve been chopped up by a mower, leaves make a great base for compost bins. They can even make up 70% of the overall compost.
  • Use them in your garden bed. Rake them in and then cover them with garden soil so they can break down and rejuvenate your garden.
  • Prepare a veggie patch. Much like the garden bed, the leave will break down over time and provide the soil with rich nutrients that will give your veggie patch the best start.
Uses for autumn leaves

Being able to repurpose autumn leaves while keeping your lawn healthy means you’ll have a vibrant yard going into winter. It also avoids unnecessary waste and dangerous piles of leaves that attract snakes.

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