Wintergrass: It’s Back Again


JULY, 2018


With fine, bright green leaves, Wintergrass is an unsightly weed. It grows in clumps and can easily overtake your lawn. To rid your yard of this invasive winter weed, you’ll need to act fast.

As well as being an ugly addition to the garden and lawn, the Wintergrass’s roots choke those of your lawn. The roots are very fine and white, resembling a spider web. Even though the weed only grows from April to September, the roots remain throughout the year, robbing your lawn of room and nutrients.

If you let Wintergrass continue to grow it will seed and you’ll have double the trouble next year. Once the weed matures, herbicides won’t affect it so you really must act fast. Spray the weed with Wintergrass Killer, lightly watering it in. Check the herbicide won’t kill your lawn before applying it.

weed killer

However, if you miss your chance this year, it’ll definitely be back next year. After July, treatments will just waste your money. Instead, plan to apply a pre-emergent in April to catch it before it can grow. Chances are, even if you do treat it successfully this year, it will reappear again next year. To avoid this, pre-emergent is the best bet.

Unfortunately, Wintergrass is persistent and comes back year after year. By treating it early and applying pre-emergent before it can appear next year, you’ll eventually rid your yard of this pesky weed.

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