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As a lawn owner, you’re always told to regularly mow for a happy lawn but what are the benefits? How does regular mowing actually help your lawn rather than infrequent mowing? I could simply tell you that regular mowing keeps your lawn healthy and attractive but there are so much more that regular mowing does to achieve this.

benefits of regularly mowing

Stronger grass. When you cut grass to the right height, its roots thrive and grow stronger while also leaving the weaker ones behind. This encourages the growth of only strong grass, giving you a healthier and thicker lawn.


Even growth. With your grass cut to a uniform level, the absorption and distribution of nutrients from the soil, water and sun will be uniform as well. Consistent growth is vital for a healthy lawn and over time, the lawn will start to grow evenly on its own.


Grassing clippings as natural mulch. Whether you decide to leave your clippings on the lawn or not, they make great mulch. They return nutrients into the lawn, or into your garden bed if you decide to repurpose them. Longer grass blades tend to be weaker but short clippings that don’t block out the sunlight will assist with healthy growth.


Faster recovery. Regular mowing will encourage a quick recovery from disease, pests and weather. It will also mean your lawn has a higher tolerance to these.


Elimination of pests. When a lawn is overgrown it tends to become infested with pests ranging from bugs to rodents. Regular mowing gets rid of tall weeds and long grass that make an ideal environment for these pests.

Considering all of these benefits, regular mowing is well and truly worthwhile. A healthy, thriving lawn makes your yard a relaxing place to spend your weekends this spring.

regular mowing

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