Why Choose A Fully Accredited Turf Grower?


JULY, 2018

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When you choose to buy lawn from an AusGap accredited turf grower, you can be sure you are getting the whole package. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the best product and service.

What is AusGap?

AusGap, The Australian Turf Accreditation Program, has been formed so that you can be sure that you will receive the country’s best. For a turf farmer to become fully accredited, they need to prove they have the experience and know-how to provide the highest quality. They are committed to the quality and performance of their turf. You also know that the turf they supply will be genetically pure and trusted brands of turf such as our beloved DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass.

Turf bought from fully accredited growers comes with a 10-year customer product warranty. The turf will also be back by the AusGAP guarantee, so you can be assured that the product is up to scratch.

But AusGAP isn’t just about the product. You will also receive the best service all the way from the sale to the delivery.

All accredited growers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The turf will be free of weeds, disease and pest damage.
  • Accurate turf information and knowledge will be provided at point of sale.
  • After sales care will be provided.
  • The turf is genetically pure and true to type.
  • Employees are appropriately trained and licensed.
  • They adhere to the Work, Health and Safety Legislation.
  • Environmental impact is minimised.
  • Delivery methods are to high standards.

By choosing a fully accredited turf grower, such as Buy Turf Online, you can be sure you have chosen the absolutely best.

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