What’s Involved in Laying Down Turf?


JUNE, 2018

Lawn Care

Before you even get your lawn delivered there are steps to take towards laying down turf. Including soil preparation, you’ll also need to measure the area you want to be turfed and calculate how much lawn you’ll need. Our turf calculator will make that nice and easy for you. And, you’ll need to decide which turf variety best suits you.

After you’ve done this, you should choose the best day for your lawn delivery. You’ll need to water the soil thoroughly the day before delivery. This will give the soil time to soak up the water and be moist for turf laying. You must install the turf the day it is delivered, otherwise it will dry out.

laying down turf

Consider applying a starter fertiliser just before laying down turf to give the grass a boost. Starting with the longest edge (could be a fence or driveway or otherwise), lay down the full rolls around the edges. The edges are more prone to drying out but being a full roll, it will have a better chance of establishing. Make sure to butt all the joins together and to lay the rolls in a brick pattern. This will help with obtaining an even lawn. Make sure you smooth out any air pockets, giving the turf roots the best access to the soil. For odd shapes, use a sharp knife or spade to cut the roll. You’ll also find bamboo stakes are useful to keep the turf in place on slopes.

laying down turf

Water the turf in immediately and thoroughly. And if you need tips for looking after a new lawn, we’ve got you covered.

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