What is the Difference Between Annual & Perennial Lawn Weeds?


APRIL, 2019

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Are lawn weeds popping up again and again, no matter how much you get rid of them? The reason for this might be due to the type of weed it is. The types, annual and perennial, have quite distinct characteristics which affect more than how they get into your lawn. One of these variations is how to get rid of them.

So, what is the difference between annual and perennial lawn weeds?

annual lawn weeds

Annual Lawn Weeds

Examples: Crabgrass and Chickweed

How they spread: Annual weeds spread by their seed. Most likely they will get into your lawn in the wind, on clothing, birds, pets or through existing weeds.

How to get rid of them: It is important to kill annual weeds before they have a chance to seed. Most of them have shallow roots and can be hand-pulled, however, if they have a chance to seed, their seeds can remain in the soil for years to come. If you find the same weeds reappearing each year, try a pre-emergent which will stop seeds germinating.

Perennial Lawn Weeds

Examples: Dandelion and Oxalis

How they spread: Perennial weeds use both seeds and their roots to spread. These weeds will grow faster and won’t die off completely each year.

How to get rid of them: These weeds will be harder to kill than annuals. If any root remains in the soil, it’s likely to grow back. Often the best way to get rid of perennial lawn weeds is to use a herbicide.

perennial lawn weeds

Now that you know a little more about the types of weeds, you’re better prepared to get rid of them. No matter what type of weed it is, a healthy lawn will usually out-compete it. However, when they do pop up, the right treatment will keep them at bay.   

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