What Clovers Really Mean for Your Lawn


AUGUST, 2018

Lawn Care
Weed Control

We all know how to spot a Clover. With their green oval-shaped leaves and small white ball-shaped flowers, these weeds are a familiar sight. Although luck is brought with a four-leafed clover, the standard three-leafed clover is not such a great sight in your lawn.

For the Clover weed to appear in your lawn, it’s a sign that you’re lacking nitrogen in your soil. Simply by improving your lawn’s nitrogen level will reduce the Clover infiltration. Maintaining this nutrient level with regular fertilising will decrease the likelihood that the clover will appear again.

look out for the white flowers
Need more nitrogen?

If you are looking for a quicker solution to rid yourself of these weeds there are a couple of solutions. It’ll be far easier to control the Clover if you catch it early while they are small and young. You can remove these by hand but be sure you have all of the roots. You may wish to use a weeding trowel or similar. You can also use a selective herbicide such as Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Weeder or Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control. Check these are suitable for your lawn before applying the selective herbicide.

In some parts of Australia, Clovers are added to lawns to assist with drought. But, unless they are purposely planted, they can be unsightly. Even more importantly, low nitrogen levels in your lawn can hinder healthy growth.

spot the clover in your lawn

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