What Are Those Weird Mudballs In My Lawn?



Lawn Care
Did You Know?

Good news- you’ve got worms… in your lawn. Those odd little mudballs are the biproduct of Earthworms. Their castings are mounds of digested organic matter. Aka, worm poop. But, don’t worry, they’re a sign of a healthy lawn. Although they don’t look fantastic, their appearance means your soil is rich in nutrients.

Earth worms come out when it rains

Having Earthworms in your soil brings many benefits, including:

  • Break down thatch
  • Aerate your soil
  • Create usable nitrogen

You probably won’t notice them except in Spring and Autumn. These seasons have increased moisture, drawing the worms to the surface.

If you don’t like the look of their castings in your lawn, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Wait until the castings dry, then rake them across the lawn. They will settle into the roots and act as fertiliser.
  2. Because they seek out water, you can decrease how often you water and they will go deeper into the soil.
  3. Mow higher and the castings won’t be as noticeable.

You lucky duck! You’ve got Earthworms doing all the hard work for you. Now you just have to sit back and enjoy a luscious lawn.

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