Water Saving Tips for Spring and Summer




As the weather is heating up, we need as many ways to conserve water as possible. This can be especially hard while you are establishing a new lawn but for seasoned lawns, there are plenty of good practices that will help save water.

Water saving tips

Water Saving Tips for New Lawns:

Your lawn will need to stay moist throughout the establishment period. This can be a huge drain on water supplies as for two weeks your lawn should be watered about four times a day.

But, you can save water by being sure not to overwater your lawn. You only need to keep the turf and immediate soil beneath damp.

The best way to do this is by using overhead irrigation, such as a portable sprinkler. By attaching a tap timer to the hose, you don’t need to worry about leaving the water running for too long. (This also saves you time and is useful after establishment).

Ways to Conserve Water on Established Lawns:

With less frequent, but deep, watering, your lawn will be able to soak up more moisture while also developing a strong root system.

By watering in the early morning, you will avoid losing too much water through evaporation and the heat of the day.

You should also only water when necessary. If it has been raining, your lawn won’t need you to water it as well. Your lawn will show signs such as wilting, drying or lying flat if it’s not being watered enough.

Ways to conserve water

With these simple, but effective water saving tips, you can keep not only your lawn happy during spring and summer, but your water tank as well.

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