Turf Underlay and Your New Lawn



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What’s the go with turf underlay and can it help your new lawn? That’s the burning question. Turf underlay is mentioned everywhere when it comes to laying a new lawn but how important is it?

Well, the benefits of turf underlay are two-fold:

  1. To build up soil level to a good height, especially if you had to do a lot of clearing.
  2. To give a newly installed lawn the nutrients it needs.

Turf underlay is a sandy loam, 70% sand and 30% soil. This mixture is ideal as it is light and easy to move around, the sand component allows for good drainage and it is less likely to compact over the long run.

Duck on the new lawn
Sit back and enjoy your new lawn

Usually a good amount of topsoil is about 100 to 150mm. However, if you are matching your turf level to the height of a hard surface such as a driveway, you should allow for this. Leave about 30 to 40mm for the turf and calculate the topsoil depth from there.

The nutrients and minerals in turf underlay are a careful balance, devised to give your lawn the best chances of strong root development. Which, of course, is crucial for a healthy lawn.

When ordering turf underlay, you’ll need to know the area of where you to plan to turf and the depth of underlay you desire. Simply multiplying these numbers together and you’ll have the amount you need.

Why wouldn’t we want to give out new lawn the best chances of survival?

Sunlight, trees and a new lawn

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