Turf Rolls 101: Where High-Quality Lawns Start

Before you can lay turf for your new lawn, it all starts at the turf farm.

Whether you’re installing turf in a small area or it’s a commercial installation, you need high-quality turf that will arrive healthy and ready to establish.

This is our guide to turf rolls; what you’ll receive in your delivery, ready for immediate installation.

Find out the size of the rolls, how to lay new turf and how to look after it.

The Anatomy of Quality Turf Rolls

Quality turf, covered by the AusGAP certification, will meet a set of standards that ensure you receive healthy turf for your back or front lawn.

These standards include:

  • The grass will be visually free of other turf varieties, weeds, disease and pest damage
  • Turf rolls and slabs can be easily picked up with two hands without separation and remain in one piece when installed.
  • Every turf roll must be cut to a consistent length

At Buy Turf Online, our turf rolls are a standard size for easy installation. Our turf rolls are 1.7 metres long and 0.6 metres wide, making each turf roll 1 square metres.

Buy Turf Online - Turf Roll Size

For uniform, high-quality turf, we use an automatic, self stacking turf harvester.

Typically our turf rolls will be about an inch thick and weigh 10kg – 15kg.

However, the depth will depend on your chosen turf variety and the weight may increase if there has recently rained.

How Much Are Turf Rolls?

The price of our turf varies from season to season, so it’s best check our pricing for turf rolls here.

As Buy Turf Online is a Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier, our turf not only has a 10-year warranty but is also DNA-certified lawn varieties.

How Much Are Turf Rolls

Where Can You Buy turf?

When ordering turf for your new lawn, you can order from our online turf and lawn care shop or, if you’d prefer, you can call and speak to our friendly staff on 1800 806 304.

How Many Turf Rolls Are On A Pallet?

Depending on the turf variety, we will fit a different amount of turf rolls on a pallet. However, typically, we can fit up to 60 rolls on a pallet.

How Many Turf Rolls Do You Need To Order?

To find out how many turf rolls you’ll need to order, you will need to measure the area you are planning to lay your new grass.

You’ll need to create a sketch of this area. Make sure to include any paths, garden beds, decking or pools that will also be part of your yard.

With your sketch, you can now break up the area into simpler shapes (such as circles, rectangles and triangles) to make the calculations easier.

Once you have broken up your sketch, you can grab a measuring tape and measure the actual dimensions of your lawn.

Make sure to document all of these dimensions on your sketch.

With all of the dimensions you need, you can then use our turf calculator to work out exactly how much turf you need to order.

We also recommend that you add 5% to your order to allow for falling short and for off-cuts.

How to Best Lay Turf for Your New Lawn

Laying turf is all about preparation. From choosing the right turf type to preparing the soil, preparing for lawn installation takes some time.

Once you are prepared, you’ll need to lay your new turf the same day as the delivery.

Start the day by spreading a starter fertiliser, such as Lawn Launcher, and rake it lightly into the soil. You want to make sure that the soil is smooth and ready for turf.

Once your new turf arrives, you need to try and get it laid as soon as possible. On hot days, you may wish to water each section as you lay the turf rolls to avoid the turf drying out.

Your Turf Will Require Loads of Water in Summer To Stay Green & Healthy

Start by laying the first turf roll along a straight edge, ideally at the furthest point from where your turf pallets are.

That way, you are not continually walking over the first couple of turf rolls each time you need the next roll.

Lay each turf roll in a brickwork pattern with the edges butting together.

This will help you avoid dips and dead spots in your lawn. If you have a slope, you should lay the turf across the slope to minimise the risk of them slipping when it rains.

Use a knife, spade or shears to shape turf around edges and trees. Make sure to hold onto any excess pieces as these might fit well in other awkward places.

Once you have covered all areas, give your newly laid turf a deep water immediately.

How Long Do Turf Rolls Last?

Turf starts to deteriorate as soon as it’s harvested. That’s why, here at Buy Turf Online, we harvest the turf on the same day it will be delivered.

Factors such as high temperatures, direct sunlight, lack of light in the middle of the rolls and too much water shorten the life of the turf even more.

With the clock ticking, the best way to ensure a healthy new lawn is to lay the turf as soon as possible.

For best results prepare the ground at least a few days before your delivery date and organise the delivery for the same day as when it will be laid.

How To Keep Turf Rolls Alive

To keep turf rolls alive once they have been harvested, it’s important to stop them from drying and heating up in the centre of the roll.

This can be particularly challenging due to Australian weather conditions, but not impossible.

The best thing to do is to lay the rolls as soon as possible and water them as you roll them out.

Once your lawn is laid out, make sure to water it in thoroughly and apply fertiliser every 8 weeks. This will help encourage the rolls to establish and become your new lawn.

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