Turf Installation & Laying with Buy Turf Online

Turf Installation & Laying

If turf installation isn’t really your thing, don’t worry, we have a network of highly skilled landscapers that we can recommend for you.

Whether you’re short on time, haven’t laid turf before or you’d like to have the best result possible, getting professional help is the right option for you.

Lawn installation is easy through Buy Turf Online. With our network of professional turf installers, you’ll have a fresh, new lawn in no time.

If you can’t choose between the different turf varieties, our landscapers can inspect your site and select the best option for you.

Depending on how much help you need, they can also measure the area, order the right amount of turf, prepare the ground and lay the turf for you.

You need to know what type and how much you’ll need

There will be a few things that need to be completed in preparation for your new lawn.

These include measuring the area, ordering turf and preparing the soil which can all be done by your turf installer.

It is crucial though that this all happens before your turf arrives as laying turf needs to happen the same day it’s delivered.

Otherwise, it dries out and won’t establish properly when you do install it.

Measuring the Area

Before a new lawn can be ordered, you need to know what type and how much you’ll need.

A landscaper will be able to come and assess your yard to advise you on which variety is best suited.

They will work out which area will need turf, break this into easily measured shapes and then measure the dimensions.

From there, they plug the numbers into our turf calculator, choose the turf variety you’d like and order the right amount for the you.

Preparation for your new lawn

Preparing the Soil

Before the turf can be installed, the landscaper will ensure your existing soil isn’t compacted or uneven.

If you need to add topsoil, they’ll also be able to order this for you.

Typically, topsoil is a sandy loam which will not only give your new lawn the best chance to establish, it will also make sure your soil level is even and at a good height.

The turf installer will also sprinkle some starter fertiliser, such as Lawn Launcher, over the soil to give the turf a moisture boost when it is laid.

For added moisture, the turf area should be thoroughly watered the day before the turf is installed.

They’ll install the turf rolls in a brick pattern

The Turf Installation Process

After the site preparation and once the instant turf is delivered, the laying can begin.

Our network of landscapers have a history of laying turf quickly and professionally.

They’ll install the turf rolls in a brick pattern, ensuring there are no air pockets, and will also water in your lawn and provide you with your 10-year lawn warranty certificate.

How to care for newly laid lawns

Caring for Your New Lawn

The first few weeks of lawn care are incredibly important to ensure your new lawn establishes properly.

After the landscaper waters in the new lawn on the first day, you’ll need to do the same every morning and afternoon for the next 2 weeks.

However, if it’s particularly hot, this may need to be done 4-5 times a day.

Or, if there are water restrictions in place, you’ll need to follow their new lawn guidelines.

After 2 weeks, check to see whether you can easily lift the turf from the soil.

If you can’t, this means it’s establishing well and you only need to water every second day for the next 2 weeks.

After the first 2 weeks, you should also fertilise to encourage further growth.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help supplying and installing your new grass. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in the summer sun on a thriving green lawn.


Neale Tweedie

Neale Tweedie

Turf Farmer

Neale Tweedie, an experienced operations manager, turf farmer and irrigation services and design specialist with an extensive history in the turf supplies, farming and irrigation industry.

Neale Tweedie is a current board member of Turf NSW, and Turf Australia (Treasurer) and has formal education in Horticulture focused in Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding.

Neale Tweedie is also the owner and General Manager of Atlas Turf, Grechs Turf and Buy Turf Online.