Tricks for Outdoor Furniture and Lawn Cohabitation


JULY, 2017

Lawn Care

Having a roommate is hard. Hell, living with siblings is nearly impossible and outdoor furniture is lawn’s big brother. There are bound to be times when really, they should be separated. Luckily, there are a few things we can do to ease their living situation.


With items of furniture that are portable, rotate them around your yard every couple of weeks. This will prevent compaction in one area as well as spread out the possible wear of foot traffic.

Give them some air

If things are getting a bit heavy, you should consider aerating the soil. Compacting soil makes it hard for roots to grow. Soil will become compacted where there is high foot traffic or underneath heavy items that cannot be easily moved around. It is a good idea to aerate your soil at least once a year.

Statues on the grass

Photograph by PIP Photography

Let the light in

Lawn needs at least two hours of light every day. By positioning your furniture to allow for this, you’ll give your grass best chance to thrive.

Like all relationships, especially cohabitant ones, it’s all about compromise. You don’t need to leave your lawn completely bare, but don’t weigh it down either, and make sure that both parts of the relationship are able to survive in the long term.

Brothers on a tire swing

Photograph by PIP Photography

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