A Good Edging for Your Lawn Can Make All The Difference


JULY, 2018


The edging on your lawn can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your lawn. A clean edge will give you a neat lawn, but scraggly edges will make your whole lawn appear scruffy. For the best results, you need to know how to use your whipper snipper, weed whacker or line trimmer.

Neat and tidy lawn

Trimmer type. Trimmers typically come in three types; petrol powered, corded and cordless. Petrol powered trimmers tend to be favoured, especially for large areas, as they are the most powerful. Corded trimmers can really only be used for small areas due to the lead length as well as having to drag it behind you. Cordless trimmers are easier to manoeuvre but are less powerful.


Speed. Your trimmer will work best and give you the cleanest look if it is used at full speed. You can maintain speed by starting at the outside and moving towards the grass. If you start in amongst the grass, it will be slower and messier.

Direction of spin. You want to make sure you aren’t spitting out clippings where you are about to trim. By making sure one side is cutting and the other side is spitting out the clippings away from where you are cutting, you’ll get a better edge. If your trimmer is moving counter-clockwise, keep the right side close to the edge.


Edging or tapering. For paths, driveways and other parallel surfaces, you should do an edge. Hold your trimmer so the string is vertical along the edge. This will give you a crisp, straight effect. Tapering, however, is best used for fences and retaining walls. By holding the trimmer so the string is at a slight angle it will give you a gradual blend between object and grass without scalping parts of your lawn.

edging for your lawn

By keeping all of this in mind and staying on top of trims, it’ll be neat, more uniform and easier to tidy up.

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