Tips for Lawn Care During Water Restrictions




Each state and territory oversee their own water restrictions. It’s important to know what the current restrictions are, or you could face penalties for not following the rules. Sydney is currently under the Water Wise Rules and with a hot summer on the way, we could be facing stricter restrictions.

What do the Water Wise Rules Mean?

  • You may water your lawn and garden from 4pm to 10am to avoid the heat of the day.
  • All hand hoses must have a trigger nozzle.
  • Washing hard surfaces, such as driveways, is prohibited.
  • You may still wash your car, but it’s advised you do this over your lawn.
  • Fire hoses may only be used for firefighting activity.

What about water restrictions and your lawn?

The important thing to remember is that a green lawn isn’t always possible but making sure it can recover is. Now is the time to prepare your lawn so it will be able to cope with the water restrictions.

Encourage Deep Root Growth. When it’s hot and dry, the moisture in the topsoil tends to evaporate. By developing deep roots, your lawn will be able to reach the moisture further into the ground. To encourage root growth, you should water deeply and less frequently. Without frequent access to water, your lawn will use its energy to search for water in deeper soil.

Phosphate Fertiliser. Use a fertiliser that contains phosphate as this ingredient will help with healthy root development. Be careful not to overfertilise and to water your lawn thoroughly once you’ve applied the fertiliser.

Increase Lawn Height. Once it does heat up, you should raise your mowing height slightly. This will help to protect the soil from sunlight. Would you rather a slightly straggly lawn or a short brown lawn?

Although water restrictions don’t apply to bore water and tank water, it’s still a good idea to follow them. The last thing you want is to waste water and have to order a truck of water every couple of weeks.

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