The Simple Solution to Deal with Chickweed




The Chickweed is a common weed throughout Australia. But, if you keep your lawn nice and healthy, it is unlikely that you’ll ever see the Chickweed creeping in.

Chickweed is a small weed with shiny leaves. Each weed has multiple stems that each produce a single white flower. It is a relatively weak plant with a very fine root system. Because of this, it struggles to grow in strong lawns.

Due to it being a relatively weak weed, it’s easy to get rid of. You can pull them out by hand or even just mow over it to eradicate this weed. Chickweed isn’t able to grow back after its leafy top half has been removed, so regular mowing will ensure it stays away.

You do need to act quickly if you spot a Chickweed. It reappears annually but matures quickly. Within 6 weeks it could have spread its spread throughout your backyard. Each Chickweed plant can produce up to 800 seeds which will all wait up to 40 years until the right time to germinate.

It isn’t difficult to take care of a Chickweed problem, but you really shouldn’t put it off. Better yet, keep your lawn in top shape and Chickweed seeds won’t have a chance to germinate and grow.

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