The History of Turf in Australia


AUGUST, 2018

Turf Industry
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The turf industry as we know it in Australia started here on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. In the 1930s the Hawkesbury Valley was found to have the perfect climate for quick establishment and rapid growth.

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Originally, turf was discovered for its use in dairy pastures. Kikuyu’s fast-growing qualities were ideal for nourishing the hungry cows. And so, turf farmers started to cut the grass in strips to sell. In the 1930s, this meant using an axe to cut the strips 30cm apart and a spade to cut underneath. The grass was then rolled and stacked by hand to preserve moisture.

Using these methods, the ‘instant lawn’ became possible. The principles haven’t changed since then but over the last 80 years, the technology certainly has. New turf cutters were developed in the 60s and again in the 80s. Sod planters came into practice in the 90s. As well as new equipment, best practices have been established to ensure you get a healthy lawn. Continually developing, the turf industry has worked on providing Australians with beautiful lawns for decades.

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But it hasn’t been without challenges. The industry has faced drought, environmental concerns, water shortages, urban growth and the public perception that turf uses an excessive amount of water and fertiliser. Despite these challenges, among others, we continue to develop and work towards a greener Australia.

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