Is Summer Grass an Unwelcome Guest in Your Backyard?



Weed Control

Summer Grass is an aggressively growing annual weed. There are two species of Summer Grass in Australia, the D. Ciliaris and D. Sanguinalis. The main difference between the two is a size difference in the upper glume. However, no matter what the species, Summer Grass has no place in your backyard.

Summer Grass has a green-yellow leaf with a light purple or white sheath. In amongst the soft, hairy leaves, stems will sprout with 3-13 finger-like spikes at the top. These spikes will be covered in tiny black seeds. Mowing this weed before it has the chance to grow will stop the spread of seeds, however, it won’t be able to stop it spreading through its stolons.

This pesky weed will grow quickly in thin or incorrectly mowed lawns. Once you spot it, you should hand pull individual weeds or use Glyphosate or bigger infestations. Being an annual weed, Summer Grass will reappear if it isn’t properly dealt with.

It germinates once the soil temperature at 10cm depth is above 12-15°C. Typically this will be during spring. If you had Summer Grass this year, even if you get rid of it now, it would be a good idea to consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide at the start of spring.

Don’t let Summer Grass outstay it’s welcome, take care of this weed as soon as you notice it.


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