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Turf Industry

Buy Turf Online is a proud member of Turf Australia. Their mission:

“To support its members and lead a profitable, sustainable natural turfgrass industry.”

Who is Turf Australia?

Turf Australia is a nation-wide representative body. They deliver industry events and projects that improve on-farm production and efficiency. One of the ways they do this is through the member levy.

Turf Australia aims to:

  • Represent members and the industry in public, government and agency forums
  • Promote, develop and support industry best practice
  • Provide education
  • Encourage direct research, development and extension
  • Ensure good governance and management

What it means to be a member

To become a member of Turf Australia, a professional must meet industry standards in production, product and service.

Members also pay a levy that goes towards industry development. Each member contributes for each square metre they sell. Turf Australia then liaises with Hort Innovation to determine appropriate and strategic investments for development, research and marketing initiatives.

As a member of turf Australia, Buy Turf Online is doing their part for the turf industry and ensuring the service and products we provide to you are the best.

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