Preparing Lawn for Winter


APRIL, 2018

Lawn Care

Preparing lawn for winter is a key part of your autumn lawn care. Once winter arrives there isn’t much you can do for your lawn. Warm season grass slows its growth rate, potentially even goes into hibernation. This leaves the lawn vulnerable as it is slow repairing and struggles to outgrow weeds. But, there are a few things to do now in order to give your lawn the best chance.

preparing lawn for winter

During autumn you should start to adjust your mowing habits. As your grass will start to slow its growth, you won’t need to mow as much. You should also raise the mowing height a bit. This will allow your grass to receive more sunlight.


It is also a good idea to trim any overgrown bushes or trees. By doing this you will minimise the shade on your lawn and allow it to grow more.


To increase its growth more, apply fertiliser in May. Not only will this help it grow and provide necessary nutrients, it will help your lawn stay greener longer and assist it in tackling weeds.


A pre-emergent herbicide will stop your lawn needing to take on weeds at all. This is an especially good idea if you had Wintergrass last year as it is likely to show up again.


You also won’t need to water as much as in summer. With the increased rainfall, you may not need to water much at all. Now is the time to adjust your sprinklers. Over watering can lead to lawn disease and thatch rot.

Help your lawn thrive through winter by preparing now. With good preparation, your lawn will hold its colour longer, compete better with weeds and survive through the colder months.

preparing lawn for winter

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