Pets and Lawn Care


APRIL, 2018


The backyard is your pet’s home and play area. Having space where both your lawn and pets are healthy makes for a happy home.

The best plants that pair with pets are sturdy ones with soft foliage. Natural turf is the perfect example of this. You should choose a quick repairing turf that can handle the wear and tear of both pets and children. And of course, you should consider climate among other factors in your decision, but DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn gets along well with pets, even ones with allergies.

pets and lawn care

You should also consider having a shady space for your pets, especially for the strong summer sun. Aerating compacted areas will help your lawn recover from high foot traffic. Be sure to keep your pets away from harmful chemicals that are found in some herbicides and fertilisers. You may need to do half your lawn, cordon it off and then swap once it’s safe for your pet again.

pets and lawn

Turfed lawns make for a lovely, cooler environment for your pets. With proper lawn care, both can make your garden a wonderful place to relax and play.

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